Bines Moves Into the Trenches

Just like sophomore Alex Silvestro, junior Blair Bines has been asked to change positions and become an interior defensive lineman. The change was made just a few days ago, but Bines is working hard on the field, in the film room and with teammates to make the transition a smooth and quick one.

Junior linebacker Blair Bines found out he was changing positions when he reported for camp on August 4. The plan was to move the 6-foot-2 260 pound linebacker to defensive tackle along with teammate Alex Silvestro, who would be making the move from defensive end.

Monday wasn't the first day Bines had heard he was being moved. During workouts over the summer the strength coach had told him that the team might want to try something new and move him to tackle. He then worked out at both positions just in case the move wasn't made.

The move has been made and there will be an adjustment period for the Shirley, N.Y. native. At linebacker you have time to read and react, while at lineman you're reacting the moment the ball is hiked.

"Now it's different because when the ball is snapped I get punched in the mouth instantly," Bines said. "At linebacker you hang back a little bit and can read a little bit. Now at tackle you have to read it on the fly at the snap."

Transitioning a level up on the defense didn't greatly influence his workout and diet plans as Bines said he only had to add a few pounds. But, it's a position that's new to him so he's asked teammates Peter Tverdov and George Johnson for tips for on the field and in the film room.

Bines played linebacker in high school also so Tuesday's practice was his first experience on the line. It didn't feel right the first day, but he said after watching the tape of himself on the first day helped him prepare for Wednesday, which was a much better day.

"Well, [Monday] was a little uncomfortable because it was the first time I played tackle in my life," Bines said. "[Wednesday] I felt better after watching film on yesterday's practice."

It's hard for Bines to say when he will feel completely comfortable on the line. He said it all depends on when things click for him during the camp and how much help he receives.

"I really can't tell," he said. "It all depends on how everything goes and how much help I get."

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