Rutgers Football - 1st Pad Day Photo Gallery

Saturday, under some glorious weather conditions, was the first opportunity to dress in full pads. The Rutgers Football Scarlet Knights took full advantage of the weather in an intensity-filled evening practice inside Rutgers Stadium. SOR was on hand to bring you the following image gallery.


Incoming Fr. QB D.C. Jefferson.

All Conference WR Kenny Britt.

Mike Teel drops back.

Kenny Britt about to make a cut.

So. OL Howard Barbieri.

Jr. OL Clem Udovich (foreground) opposing So. OL Caleb Ruch [left] and Jr. OL Ryan Blaszczyk.

So. OL Caleb Ruch.

Fr. OL Richard Muldrow.

Jr. WR Dennis Campbell goes airborne and reels in the catch.

Jr. QB Dom Natale readies for the pass.

QB Mike Teel (foreground) and WR Ti Underwood.

Fr. Placekicker San San Te.

Fr. QB Steven Shimko.

So. QB Chris Paul-Etienne.


In the locker room: LB Marvin Booker [left] and DL Eric LeGrande [right].

In the locker room: WR Timothy Wright [left] and DL Eric LeGrande [right].

In the locker room: OL Anthony Davis [left] and QB D.C. Jefferson [right].

In the locker room: QB D.C. Jefferson [left] and WR Tim Brown [right].

Tim Brown awaits the incoming pass from D.C.

Tim Brown reels in the grab.


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