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Football - Vegas Line

Boston College by 28


Big East Football - USA Today/ ESPN Poll - Pitt climbs past Tech

1. Miami (Fla.) (60) 10-0 1,524
2. Ohio State (1) 13-0 1,462
3. Iowa    11-1 1,377
4. Oklahoma 10-1 1,346
5. Georgia 10-1 1,253


More on the merger plan

With a majority of New Jersey high school graduates leaving the state to attend four-year colleges and with funding to New Jersey's higher education institutions waning, it is more important than ever to have our elected representatives securing increased funding from both the federal and state governments and aggressively promoting the benefits of higher education in New Jersey. While efforts made by our officials to improve higher education are to be lauded, there is a line between promoting higher education and controlling higher education. Is that line being traversed by our friends in Trenton?
Michael Shapiro


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