Rutgers Football - Friday Pactice Report

Following RU's Friday practice, Rutgers HC Greg Schiano stated that his squad may be hitting a mental and physical wall. However, he and his coaching staff need to continue to push the Scarlet Knights so they can get over the proverbial hump.

Friday's practice was one of those practices Rutgers wants to forget about and move on.

Head Coach Greg Schiano wasn't upset about the overall effort of the teams, but said they're hitting the summer camp wall. They're starting to becoming fatigued from the training and it's leading to mental errors on the field.

"I thought it was a fine effort," Schiano said. "It wasn't particularly sloppy - guys are hitting the wall getting tired - it's a long camp. We're pushing them hard. They're a little sloppy in their technique, reaching and grabbing with one hand and lining up off-sides because you don't know where your hand is."

This mental and physical wall wasn't expected to be there just yet, Schiano said, but the coaching staff must continue to push their players through it. The team is an experienced bunch that knew what they were in for this camp in terms of training, and now the coaches are implementing it.

"It's a mature team," Schiano said. "We told them what we're going to be doing and we're doing it."

"We work hard together," he said. "We have to enjoy each other. We knew what went wrong and we fixed it."

Schiano said he didn't think the practice overall was bad. Some things needed to be taken care of and they were. The team morale might be low, but he wants them to lighten up and not dwell on what is now the past.

"I don't think today was bad," he said. "There were just a couple of things that we aren't going to allow. What we did is done. I can see their down in the dumps, but I want them laughing. You paid the consequence and it's over."

"I want them to move on."

Linebacker Damaso Munoz left practice though no medical condition was disclosed.


Schiano addressed the performances of some of his players.

Andrew DePaola has been making some strides as a receiver, but Schiano said his primary job is as the holder and they need to make sure he doesn't get nicked up.

"He's our holder and that's his number one responsibility," he said. "We put him at wide out and he's doing a nice job. I don't know where that's going to put him in the mix of things at the end. He busts his rear end and he's a great kid. We want to make sure we don't get him bumped either because it's very important that he doesn't pull anything."

Tight end Craig McGovern has shown some positives, but also had his down moments.

"Up and down," Schiano said about the fifth year tight end. "Sometimes he does some nice things and sometimes he makes me wonder if we can put him out there and trust him."

The defensive tackle position has some newcomers in Blair Bines and Alex Silvestro. Silvestro has more experience playing the line so Schiano thinks he has the edge. He doesn't want anyone to count out Bines, who he thinks will continue to improve throughout the season.

"I think Silvestro has experience and has the lead," stated Schiano. "Blair's getting his experience. It's going to be a work in progress. He's going to get better as a player."

Another player Schiano likes is LaSalle transfer Pat Brown.
"He's a scrappy player and he is making some plays," Schiano said about his wide receiver. "I love him and I trust him."

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