Britt is preparing for another big year

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – After last season's dazzling performance, football writers and analysts whispered to each another: "Does Kenny Britt have soft hands, lightning-quick speed?"

Well, Britt returned to Rutgers' football program for his junior campaign, one that solidifies his résumé. Especially, if he repeats the school-record 1,232-yard and eight touchdown effort from 2007.

"It's definitely easier my third time around, because most of the times you have experience behind you," Britt said. "You know where you're running, certain routes or certain coverages. You're just repeating it.

"Every time you get on the playing field, you just have to have that beginner's mentality and take up each little point. Each little tick is exclusive to the game."

Before games, Britt, a Born-Again Christian, reads his Bible.

"I read my Bible before every game," he said. "It's to keep my head level, just try to go over the plays before each game."

He also offers the Lord gratitude for protection on the field.

"I pray to Him every time I touch the practice field," Britt said. "Every time I touch the game field, I wake up, pray to him, and thank Him for everything He gave me and every time we get on the field, just protect me and my teammates."

Yet, Britt finds time for that all-important phone call to the family and girlfriend, of course.

"I call my mother and my father, talk to them," Britt said, adding, "always gotta call my older brother, he's really my motivator. I also call my girlfriend too. She keeps me in focus."

Once each side wishes the other luck, Britt returns to his playbook with the headphones blaring.

"Definitely routines," Britt said. "In the locker room, I have to go over the plays at least one time, listen to my iPod until they call us onto the field."

Yet, Britt ensures to also speak with Tiquan Underwood, another 1,000-yard receiver in quarterback Mike Teel's arsenal, and dear friend.

"Me and Ti always got something to say to each other before we even get out of the locker room," Britt said. "We always gotta talk or say something, motivate each other."

The freshman nerves, though, have diminished, if not disappear entirely.

"I'd go out there as a freshman, I was real nervous, get to play in front of a whole bunch of fans," Britt said. "But, now that the fans are behind us, you got the whole state of New Jersey behind us, that really just motivates me."

Meanwhile, construction workers removed the scaffolding and continued to work on the additions to Rutgers Stadium.

"Yeah, definitely," Britt said, admitting to peeking up at the massive yet noisy expansion project. "That's just another motivation right there."

If training camp indicates an outlook on the 2008 season, Britt will definitely have another breakout one.

"It's really not in the back of my head because my father always told me to focus on this year," Britt said, "because he always told me you don't know what's gonna happen. Take it a day at a time. That's what I'm trying to do, take it one day at a time."

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