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L.J. Smith says he has had so many different emotions converge in his mind this week that he isn't quite sure how he feels any more about the approaching end of his college career. Smith, one of the best tight ends in Rutgers history, marks his farewell as a Scarlet Knight with tomorrow afternoon's game at Boston College.
Rutgers football: Smith hurting inside, too

Tomorrow, the Rutgers football team will conclude another disappointing season of double-digit losses with a game on the road against Boston College. While most of New Jersey long ago gave up hope in the Scarlet Knights, a small cadre of alumni and supporters have stayed the course. Watching and attending the games is the least of what they do. These are the benefactors who raise more than $3 million annually to help keep a $30-million-a-year athletic program running.
Rutgers: Fanatical boosters are proud to wear their Scarlet R

Boston College flanker Keith Hemmings remembers the repeated message in the huddle, the constant drumbeat of confidence pounded home by quarterback Brian St.Pierre with the Eagles surrounded by 80,000 hostile fans in Notre Dame Stadium. "He brought us into the huddle and he kept saying, ‘We're going to win this game. We're going to win this game,' " said Hemmings. "He was the biggest motivator out there and he's one of the best leaders I've ever been around."
Daily Record Sports - St. Pierre respects Rutgers defense

Rutgers's only win in a 1-10 season has been a 44-0 shutout of Army that came in Week 3, on the heels of losses to Division 1-AA Villanova (37-19) and Buffalo (34-11). And yet, somehow, coach Greg Schiano believes his Scarlet Knights (0-6 Big East) are much improved from a year ago.
Boston Globe Online / Sports / Schiano is positive he sees change

Gary Brackett had snagged an award the year before, a relatively minor recognition of his work on special teams. His parents hadn't come to the year-end banquet then because, at 40 bucks a pop, the dinner plates seemed awfully expensive. But in December 2001, a year later, Brackett started pressing his parents to save the money for Rutgers' season-ending banquet, the one every football program - no matter how successful - uses to celebrate its best. Skilled scrimpers by then, Sandra and Granville Brackett trekked up the Turnpike to the New Brunswick Hyatt. One by one, players paraded to the podium and accepted an award. Gary didn't leave his seat, and Sandra thought, well, last year's Twelfth Man Award was shiny enough.
NorthJersey.com - Rutgers

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