Wednesday Practice Report

One of this week's point's of emphasis for Greg Schiano was for his leaders to lead. For Rutgers to get back on the winning track, he needs his captains and coaches to step up, and he said they have.

From what he's seen so far, Schiano said the team has put together three "really good" practices. His guys are doing what he's asked; now it just needs to show against Navy.

"I think they're doing what we're asking them to do," Schiano said. "Those guys are working very hard. It doesn't guarantee you anything ... let's hope it shows up on the game film."

Kordell Young is looking better in Schiano's opinion. But, the halfback from West Deptford High School still isn't 100 percent yet and will most likely be a game time decision.

"He's looking good," "He doesn't look like himself yet. He's got something that's going to take a little while. It's not related to his surgery, it's something else. I hope it gets better everyday and it has. I'm just not sure if he's ready, but we'll find out."

As a whole, the running game hasn't really been at the level where Schiano said it needs to be.

"Just OK," he said about the rushing attack through two games. "Not a complete bust, but not where we need it to be for the offense to be where we want to be."

One of Schiano's messages about the team's play has been that the team is just off where they need to be. He did say though, that something needs to happen soon.

"We're not far off," he said. "But you can only say that for so long and maybe we don't close the gap. Hopefully we do close the gap."


Not every player makes the trip to road games. Mostly true freshman stay back. The quarterbacks must go down though because they spend the most amount of time in meetings and they need as much exposure as they can get.

"I don't always get everyone (down)," Schiano said. "But the ones I make sure go down are the quarterbacks because they get a lot more meeting time than the other positions. There's so much they've to learn that they can't afford to miss any of the meetings."

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