Kansas H-Back makes plays

In high school football, there are guys that are great athletes. These types you can hope to project and develop in to great players. But then there are kids who are just natural football players. Bishop Carroll HS in Wichita, KS product Joe Brown is one of these natural players.

Alan Schuckman, his coach says "in all my years of coaching, Joe Brown (FB/H-Back 6'3 220)is the savviest kid I have coached. He is a throwback, football player. The kid is tough as nails. He is the kind of kid that will run through a wall. When I played college football, we had kids from Ohio and Western Pennsylvania who had that kind of no-nonsense character and demeanor. But besides being really tough, he just really has a feel and knowledge of the game. Just a very intelligent and instinctual player. A baller".

Last year, Joe Brown played fullback, tight end, and slot receiver. He rushed for 300 yards and caught over 800 yards. "He was our versatility guy. Technique wise, things come easy to him. He can catch, run, has agility, and is a hell of a blocker. He made tackles on special teams. He could really set the tone by popping someone in the mouth. He got first team all state last year. Then when that season ended, he got all-state recognition in basketball as well. He is an athlete. He works smart. He perseveres and things come to him".

Joe Brown was set for a big senior campaign, but an injury slowed down his progress a bit. However, he has made the best of his circumstances. "Last year, he was around a 4.7-4.8 kid. But he had really worked out hard in the off-season and just began coming around. He was playing so fast this summer, and the game was really slowing down for him. He went up to Kansas for their camp and ran a 4.59. For his size that is very good. But then he got hurt and fractured his ankle. We were scared we would lose him for half the season, but he has gut it out, worked incredibly hard in his rehab. He was back playing, not practicing, but playing 7-weeks after his injury. He is playing hurt, at around 80%, and is still dominant. And the beauty about it he is unassuming and just a humble, great kid".

Brown missed the first game of the season, Bishop Carroll's only loss. They have won the last four contests he has played in. In just four games, he has amassed 29 receptions for 351 yards. He has totaled 8 tds, either on the ground or receiving.

Joe's teammate, Blake Bell, is one of the top QB's in the 2010 class. He had this to say about Joe Brown. "Brown is a tough kid and a leader. He leads by example. The kids on the team look up to him. When things get tough, you know he is going to step up and get us out of a jam. He always gives 100 percent whether he is injured or not."

Assistant Coach Matt Bye said "Joe is one of the hardest working and toughest players I've coached. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact he is from Kansas. However, one of the reasons not many people know about him is because he is from Kansas. I think if he were from another part of the country, he would be a blue-chip kid. You have to be a Barry Sanders, Bryce Brown level skill player to get out of Wichita, Kansas. Otherwise, the kids don't recruited. But Joe in the right system, can play with anybody".

Brown was hoping to get more interest from the local schools. Schuckman said "Unfortunately, KU does not utilize the FB, H-Back position and he did not fit in to their scheme. That is where I believe he will make his niche. KU loved him and thought he did real well. But that is not their game. Joe needs to find a school that likes to line up in the I-formation and just pound you. A place to use him as a lead blocker. But a school that also will utilize him as a threat out of the backfield. You throw it near him, he catches the ball. He has incredible ball skills and is a mismatch every week we play".

Joe has no favorites at this time. "It does not matter much where I play football. I just want to get a good education and have a chance to contribute. All I want is a chance to play, help build something and be a part of a great group of guys".

Coach Schuckman is now sending film out film to schools across the country including Colorado State , Missouri , Arizona State, UConn, Rutgers, New Mexico, UNLV, amongst others.

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