Committed But Still Looking Around

OL Malcolm Bunche committed to Rutgers in August, but is still letting other schools recruit him. His reasoning is he wanted to see what other schools had to offer.

"I wanted to broaden my horizons," Bunche said. "I wanted to look at other schools and see other interests."

Miami, where he will make a visit to on December 3, and Connecticut are the schools that are recruiting him the hardest right now. Offensive line coach and location are what he's looking for the most in the other schools.

"I want to see what type of personality he has," Bunche said on what he's looking for in a line coach. "Off the field, I want someone I can go and talk to about personal things. On the field, I need someone who can teach me the fundamentals of football and how I can get better and someone who can make me dominate on the collegiate level."

On location he said, "I like Illinois, but the fact of the matter is they are so far away. I have family in Delaware, and my mom lives in Florida, so that's a factor."

He did say the Knights are still his favorite. What drew Bunche to Piscataway was the coaching staff.

"They're family oriented and have a great offensive line coach," "[Greg Schiano] is a great coach to learn under and they have a great offensive line coach. That makes them a good team to be apart of that you'd want to be apart of."

The 1-5 record isn't one of the reasons why Bunche is looking at other schools because he said, "they can get better, they have a talented future."

Bunche also remains in contact with the program.

"We talk all the time," he said. "I'd say about once a week. They send emails and mail about the last game and who their next opponent is. Things of that nature."

He also received a call from Tom Savage the other day.

"He told me to stay with Rutgers," Bunche said. "He basically told me not to give up because they're a great school."

On when he will close his recruiting and decide where he wants to play, Bunche said possibly after football season, but a decision might not be made until signing day.

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