Official Visit Update: Amir Pinnix

Amir Pinnix

Amir Pinnix (Ath, 5'11"-190lbs) from Malcolm X Shabazz H.S in Newark, New Jersey is one of the best multi-position players in New Jersey. Pinnix is one of those players who have the ability to play a number of positions. For Pinnix, those positions are running back, defensive back, or linebacker.

Indiana, Rutgers, Kent State

Other schools interested:
Minnesota, Iowa

On the weekend of December 7th, he visited the campus of Rutgers University.

How did he like his visit?
He really enjoyed his visit especially hanging with the current Rutgers players and the other recruits. Since he has visited the school a number of times, he was very familiar with the campus and likes it. He was impressed by the academics and the value of a Rutgers degree.

When does he plan to commit?
He stated that he still has some visits to take. Therefore, he will probably not commit until mid to late January.

Who is his leader?
He stated that he has no leader.

Who showed him around and who did he "hang with"?
His host was Val Barnaby and his roommate was Nate Robinson. Amir and Nate happened to be friends prior to the Rutgers visit. He stated that he had a great time hanging out with all of the recruits.

What was he most impressed with?
He stated that he was most impressed with the relationships between the Rutgers coaches and the players. He said relationships like those are not easily found. Also, he left the visit with no negatives.

What position does he want to play in college?
Currently, he is not sure which position he will play and is opened.

What is his next visit?
He will visit Indiana on 12/12/2002.

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