Official Visit Update: Mike Fladell

Mike Fladell

Mike Fladel (OL, 6'8"-340lbs) from John Adams H.S. in Queens, New York was one of the early commitments that the Rutgers coaching staff obtained. Fladell is blessed with good size, feet, and wing-span. Even at 6'8"-340lbs, Fladell looks like he has the ability to carry more weight.

- Hostra
- Delaware
- Buffalo

Other schools that showed interest:
- Virginia
- Syracuse
- Michigan State

On the weekend of December 7th, he visited the campus of Rutgers University.

How did he like his visit?
He had a great time. The recruits received a tour of the Rutgers campus and the football complex. Upon arriving in the locker room, the recruits saw a jersey with their high school number. The recruit then ran through the tunnel with the announcer saying their names. Fladell thought that it was great and left impressed.

Who showed him around and who did he "hang with"?
Anthony Cali was his host and his roommate was Pedro Sosa. Sosa and Fladell got along well. Fladell said that they have similar personalities.

What position does he want to play in college?
Fladell plans on playing right tackle.

What is his next visit?
He has committed to Rutgers and will not take anymore visits. He stated that he selected Rutgers because of the coaching staff, location, and the people.

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