Official Visit Update: Pedro Sosa

Pedro Sosa

Pedro Sosa (DL/OL, 6'4"-270lbs) is one of the best offensive/defensive line prospects in New Jersey. During his recruitment, Sosa received over 20 scholarship offers. He has only been playing football for three years but his combination of size, speed, and strength has made him a top recruit.

Sosa had over 20 scholarship offers, including:
- Maryland
- Clemson
- Virginia
- South Carolina
- North Carolina

On the weekend of December 7th, he visited the campus of Rutgers University.

How did he enjoy his visit?
Sosa found the visit to be very enjoyable. The family atmosphere among the players and coaches was one of the items that he noted. He also enjoyed "hanging out" with the recruits and the players.

He stated that there were a number of recruits that were surprised at what Rutgers had to offer in the way of facilities, academics, and atmosphere.

Why did he select Rutgers?
- Rutgers was the first school to offer him a scholarship.
- They recruited him hard and made him feel at home.
- He feels that they are building something special and he wants to be a part of it.

Who hosted him and who did he "hang out" with?
One of Sosa's fellow Hudson county residents hosted Sosa, Bryan Durango. Sosa was roommates with Mike Fladell. Most of the time during his visit, he hung out with Amir Pinnix, Nate Robinson, Jason Nugent, and Brian Hohmann.

Which position does he want to play in college?
Sosa had an opportunity to play defense this year and excelled at the defensive end position. As a result, Sosa would like to play DE in college. However, he stated at he would play wherever the team needed him the most.

During our conversation, Sosa mentioned that one of his teammates, Ray Aponte, was offered an opportunity to walk-on to the Rutgers squad as a "preferred walk-on".

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