Two More Schools In Connect But Same Top 4

OL Khalil Wilkes said in an earlier interview with that his four favorites were Rutgers, Stanford, Wake Forest and Pittsburgh, with no leader. That remains the same, except he's hearing more from Maryland and Vanderbilt.

"For the most part yes," Wilkes said when asked if those four schools were still his favorites.

"But I'm opening up a little bit more and I've talked to a lot more coaches lately, especially coaches from the University of Maryland and Vanderbilt," he said. "Everything is the same, but I've been in close contact with those coaches."

The only visit he has in the works is with Wake Forest, when they take on Vandy.

"The only official visit I've discussed is going to Wake Forest some time during the season when they play Vanderbilt," he said. "But most of my visits are going to be after my football season."

Rutgers is in his top four because he's always known a lot about the school through his two parents who went there.

"Since I was little I've always known a lot about Rutgers," he said."My dad played at Rutgers in the late 80's and my mom also graduated from Rutgers. Ever since then, I always knew it would be a college that I thought about a lot."

Outside of that, it's the coaches that have really caught his attention.

"I really like the coaches also," he said. "Coach Flood is definitely one of the best offensive line coaches in the nation, and I keep in close contact with him. Coach Schiano, other than being the coach, he's also real close to the family."

The last time he was at Rutgers was at a practice before the season opener. He was also there during the spring and got a chance to interact with Flood and the offensive line. He said he was impressed with what he saw from the unit and their practice regiment.

Wilkes has no plans on committing until after the season. One of the main things he's waiting on is what he hears from admissions. Academics are one of the main things he looking for in a school and is waiting to hear back from a few places to see if he's cleared.

"I'm probably going to commit after the season," he said. "Currently, I'm waiting to hear back from Stanford's admissions to see if I got in there. I'm also waiting on the application process going week by week with that. Really I'm just trying to see which schools I'm definitely in academically because I want to go to a good academic school."

Other things that will weigh heavily into his decision are the team and the surrounding area of the school.

"Definitely athletics - the football team, the program and the coaches," he said. "Also the environment, I'm going to be out there for four or five years, so definitely the environment."

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