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One of the hottest rumors circulating on the basketball circuit today is that Steve Pedersen, the Athletic Director of Pittsburgh University, may be headed back to his alma mater in Lincoln, Nebraska.   Several sources have indicated that the main mover and shaker in the resurrection of Panther Athletics may be the next AD at the University of Nebraska.  The question arise where would that leave the two present major sport coaches?


It has been well documented that Football Coach, Walt Harris, has been approached by one of the major football powers to interview for their head position.  Implications last year were that Men's Basketball Coach, Ben Howland, would soon end up at a west coast destination with UCLA being the odds on favorite. 


Should Steve Pedersen depart expect Harris and Howland to be on the next train out of town.  With Nebraska hoping for a shot at the Big 10 and Missouri their main western competition, expect the Huskers to look to upgrade their status in the world of basketball.  What better way than to bring in a program builder who believes in hard nosed defense.  Howland's recruit to shoot philosophy that he fostered at Northern Arizona will be revived. Coach Howland would be the logical choice to follow Pedersen should Steve take the Husker AD job.


In other news Long Island Newsday recently selected their All City Boys Pre-season Basketball Team for 2002-2003.  Rutgers center recruit Shagari Alleyne was a first team member.  Other player's of local interest include second team,  Stanner point guard Marlon Smith who continues to name the Scarlet among his top schools.  Third team selection Ed Berrios of Roosevelt High also names the Scarlet as a possible destination.


Insider Franz Dorsainvil formerly of Elizabeth High School continues to draw Big East interest. The former Canadian big timer has been in the states less than one year. This Haitian transplant is spending the year at Notre Dame Academy, Massachusetts, to upgrade his academics and basketball skills. Franz presently names Providence, Miami and Rutgers among a bevy of teams that are following his progress. According to an informed source it is possible that Franz may reclassify. Providence is also among a group of schools following the progress of swing Antoine Aguidio of Walt Whitman High School, NYC. The former South American star may have to reclassify or go prep next year. 


Jimmy Inglis, 6'10" 265 pound banger, may play at Eastern Oklahoma this year.  The former Globe Tech, NY, center transferred to Eastern but has had physical problems and may be red-shirted for the year. Several Big East teams including Seton Hall, Saint Johns and Providence had contacted him early.  If he red-shirts and has his academics in order, he will have three years of Division I eligibility next year.


A junior who may explode on the court this year is Cornelio Guibund.  Cornelio, a native of Mozambique, is attending school in Greenwich, Connecticut. This defensive stud is getting a lot of Big East feelers.  His O is way behind his D but he has the athleticism and size to take a chance on. This 6'9" stud is a man playing among boys in the lane.


Speaking about the lane, I'm not so sure I liked what I saw in the lane during the preseason NIT.  I really felt that the wider lane detracted from the inside play of the power men. It made them set up several feet further out from the hoop and opened up the middle a bit more. It seemed to negate some of the effect of doubling down and it seemed to open the lane up to more cutters and drivers.


This game is already a guard dominated game and they don't need any more room or help from the NCAA rules Committee. Guards already have lots of room to put it on the floor and take it to the hoop.  What you are doing is taking the Rashod Kent's of the world and partially negating their skills.


 I like the game the way it is. I am not a firm believer in the day light rules that used to exist.  Basically the official rule was that if you couldn't see daylight in the post it was a foul either offensive or defensive based on position and movement. It was too hard to call and was eventually eliminated. I like the post play of an accomplished insider.


If this is a response to international loses, then maybe we better keep our kids together on teams for more than one summer. The international lane is not even close to the exhibition lanes.  Let team be together for four years starting as a pre-freshman team.  Let a team of rising seniors represent us every summer on the higher levels with the others involved at lower level tournaments.


Don't fix something that isn't broken.




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