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SOR most frequent chat room guest columnist Tom Luicci answers questions ranging from the Rutgers joining the Big 10, the quarterback situation i 2009, the new Big East commissioner and more.

New Commish

<PWayFred> About the new Big East commissioner, has he acknowledged that there are some issues to clean up with
regard to the football schools... does he have a plan to deal with the bowl associations, ND, etc...?
<TomLuicci> he is not going to deal with ND. he said as much
<TomLuicci> he likes the set-up with ND
<TomLuicci> the bowl deals run out in 2 years. we'll see then if he has a plan. he has time to formulate one

RB Situation

<RUMan79> 2,0Tom - what bothers me to no end is the use of Kordell in situations where Brooks or Morales would be
2,0better suited, like UConn game where we couldnt punch it in with a sub 200 RB - what is the deal?
<RUMan79> 2,0why isnt Brooks used more
<TomLuicci> greg's history is that he doesn't like using a lot of backs
<TomLuicci> he likes a workhorse
<TomLuicci> he has identified kordell as the guy. brooks has been okay this year. martinek is the one who deserves
more time
<TomLuicci> i have said that since the scrimmages. i liked martinek then
<TomLuicci> it's ok if the back is 180 if the fullback can lead block
<TomLuicci> that's what they miss
<TomLuicci> it's ok if the back is 180 if the fullback can lead block
<TomLuicci> a great lead blocker at FB
<RUGRADinACCland> hence morales
<TomLuicci> and legrand
<TomLuicci> and brock in the backfield, and graves
<TomLuicci> and blair bines, right?
<TomLuicci> they keep looking


<PWayFred> What does the future of the MLB position look like now that Legrand is a DE?
<TomLuicci> d'imperio still has a year, so they have next year to groom someone


<RUMan79> 2,0aside from the banter on here, Tom, any word on recruiting?
<TomLuicci> i hear hodges is 50-50
<RUMan79> 2,0sick of hearing about that one - but it is what it is


<bigdog77> Aboushi still likes Rutgers. But he is being guided towards some of the more well known schools.
<bigdog77> Parents and brother
<bigdog77> his brother played for Fordham and is now a lawyer
<bigdog77> He will have a lot to say regarding his recruitiment
<RUMan79> 2,0he plays at RU, his brother and parents can see him - lol

<ruprincess> Tom, who do you see as our starting QB next year?
<TomLuicci> i see natale as the stop-gap, maybe the first five games, until dc or savage are ready to take over

Wildcat Formation

<alden1> any chance of seeing an expanded Martinek package, ie - as 2nd back with Kordell, passes in flat or direct
snap with Teel split out wide
<TomLuicci> i have a feeling we will see a little more of martinek on saturday
<TomLuicci> it's one of those games where you have to play the playmakers
<RUMan79> 2,0martinek is real smart and quite the athlete - he could be this years depaoloa v usf
<TomLuicci> he could have an expanded role on saturday
<RUMan79> 2,0excellent!

CB Situation

<PWayFred> Rowe's looked real good this year; On the flipside, how far has Hutchins dropped?
<TomLuicci> it's looking as if a lot of people missed on hutchins
<TomLuicci> he just isn't good enough right now
<TomLuicci> rowe has a bright future

Wayne Warren

<PWayFred> What's the future for Wayne Warren?
<TomLuicci> right now he is a scout team qb
<PWayFred> What's the future for Wayne Warren?
<TomLuicci> right now he is a scout team qb
<bigdog77> I really like him at QB
<TomLuicci> he and dc were the scout team qbs this week
<bigdog77> he has moves and decent speed
<TomLuicci> i figure we will see him back at db next year
<bigdog77> the problem is DC and savage


<alden1> do you see any of this years red shirt freshmen receivers making an impact next year
<TomLuicci> i would hope stroud does alden
<TomLuicci> he looked good for a while
<TomLuicci> and it sounds as if marcus cooper will be a good one

More on QBs

<PWayFred> 6 qbs right now... Do any of them feel that they may want to transfer?
<TomLuicci> Pway, i'm not sure many have options
<TomLuicci> natale has one year left. paul-etienne could -- he has two. jabu has only one year left
<TomLuicci> unless they want to drop down to 1-AA to play immediately
<TomLuicci> dc believes he will be the qb next year
<TomLuicci> shimko may be a career reserve

New Big east Commish

<ruprincess> Tom, what are your thoughts about the new BE commish?
<TomLuicci> my feelings are mixed princess
<TomLuicci> i have known john marinatto for 20 years
<TomLuicci> i think he will do a good job, but i would have liked to have seen someone shake things up a little bit, tell
nd to put up or shut up
<TomLuicci> john will keep the status quo -- which is fine for hoops
<TomLuicci> i think football needs a spark, needs someone to light a fire for them

USF Game

<PWayFred> USF question: How do you feel about Grothe. Has he taken more of a beating this year. How do you think
he'll respond on Sat?
<TomLuicci> grothe may be taking a beating but he ishaving his best year yet
<TomLuicci> it's weird, but he has gone for 300 yards of individual offense the past two games against rutgers yet
rutgers has won
<TomLuicci> rutgers needs him to make a couple of mistakes, which he will do

Big East Changes

<mb5789> any news on future scheduling?
<mb5789> or rumblings?
<TomLuicci> nothing yet mb
<alden1> any thoughts on possible Big East coaching changes for next year
<TomLuicci> that will almots be a year to year thing now i think
<RUMan79> 2,0robinson
<TomLuicci> well, g-rob will be gone
<TomLuicci> kragthorpe has to be feeling the heat
<TomLuicci> and i wonder how much longer wannstedt wants to do this
<RUMan79> 2,0and when does edsell get an offer
<TomLuicci> from who RU Man?
<jdv64> Kelly will be leaving soon
<ruprincess> and Kelly?
<ruprincess> Ha! :)
<TomLuicci> kelly will get a better job, no doubt
<mb5789> do you think edsall would jump at a job like bc?
<TomLuicci> i'm not sure bc pays that much more than uconn now
<TomLuicci> plus, edsall has new facilities and a new stadium and he is the king of that football program
<TomLuicci> you don't get that kind of autonomy at a lot of schools


<PWayFred> Munoz had a loud game against 'Cuse. Will he start on Sat or will Abreu take it back?
<TomLuicci> munoz will start but schiano said both will play

Joining the Big 10?

<Rutgers90> Tom what are your thoughts on the future of the Big East, do you see Rutgers accepting an offer from the
Big 10 if offered.
<TomLuicci> my personal feelings are that big east football needs to get stronger or rutgers should talk to the big 10
<TomLuicci> to be honest, that's why i think the stadium expansion is so important
<TomLuicci> this is my opinion. but the way to impress the big ten is to get to 55K
<TomLuicci> that shows a commitment
<mb5789> its hard to believe that only one BE stadium can hold 60k+
<TomLuicci> true mb, but two are not even on campus
<mb5789> and the B10 avg has to be around 60
<TomLuicci> they are pro stadiums
<RUMan79> 2,0tom - does northwestern hold that many?
<TomLuicci> i was at northwestern once for football. i can't believe it holds much more than 40
<mb5789> in the b10 you have schools like michigan, osu, psu, wisc that inflate the avg
<TomLuicci> but they have a history with the big 10 and the league loves having them because of what they bring
<TomLuicci> that's what rutgers has to offer
<TomLuicci> the big10 has its own network. rutgers can deliver the biggest market in the country
<TomLuicci> it could be a good fit
<TomLuicci> that's a bonus
<TomLuicci> rutgers might beat michigan this year
<alden1> how big of an impact on the RU program would going to the Big 10 be
<TomLuicci> first off alden, we wouldn't be talking about some second rate bowl with a winning record, the way we are
<TomLuicci> the big ten has great bowl tie ins
<TomLuicci> it would be huge for rutgers
<TomLuicci> can you imagine ohio state and michigan playing at rutgers stadium
<TomLuicci> how neat would that be?
<TomLuicci> how neat would that be?
<RUMan79> 2,0that would be a dream
<Rutgers90> that would be very nice

What is needed to win at South Florida?

<ruprincess> Tom, can you give us your final thoughts on our game against USF? What does Rutgers need to do? Will
you be at the game?
<TomLuicci> i am leaving on an early flight tomorrow
<TomLuicci> i think they have to keep selvie in check. they need to unload the offensive playbook
<TomLuicci> they need to keep an eye on grothe
<TomLuicci> it is a winnable game, but rutgers has to turn in a pittsburgh-like performance i think

More on the Big 10

<TomLuicci> the negatives of the big ten? it would be much tougher for rutgers to compete in football and men's
<TomLuicci> and there would be a feeling of detachment, since the big ten offices are in chicago and most of the teams
are in the midwest

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