University School A Force in South Florida

The University School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a private school that just started fielding a football team in 2006. There was very little, if any, talent in the school at that time. But with their motivated coach, Roger Harriott, the program is now one to be reckoned with in South Florida.

Harriott, who is a former St Thomas Aquinas and Villanova Wildcat star, has had some great success in the early years of the program. "I have been blessed to surround myself with some great people over the years. I was involved with youth programs in the area and was then asked to start and develop the program at University. At first we did not have the players. But with the great administration and the family oriented coaches that we had, we kept plugging away and became an attractive school for some great local kids…We focused on teaching fundamentals and practicing and playing the game the right way. We have been fortunate and have a group of character young men around here. And before you realized it, we are now 10-0 on the season. We have one of the best offenses and defenses in the state at our (Group 2) classification. We have been averaging 300 yards/game on offense and giving up only 103 yards/game on defense".

Harriott's squad has reached the playoffs this season. If it wins this weekend, it will set-up a much anticipated game vs. Pahokee. "We have been playing as a team all year long. These kids fight for each other. We are going to go out and play hard like we have all season. I think we have a good shot".

The program this year is led by QB Erik Applegate, who is a great athlete with very solid grades and is receiving serious consideration by Ivy and other strong academic schools.

OL David Fernandez (6'3 290), has footwork, speed and strength. He is awaiting a test score and is an attractive prospect.

From a recruiting standpoint for 2010, the school has two very intriguing, high level 1-A prospects. "We have two kids for next year, David Perry and Max Beaulieu, who I think are great character kids, solid students, and have incredible potential to be impact players in college".

"David Perry has been in the United States since this summer. He originally came from Jamaica and moved in with some relatives in Broward. He was a top basketball player there and came here with the goal of playing basketball. But when we introduced him to football this summer he picked up the game and has loved it. He has been learning the basics of the game and now is really getting in to the flow of the game. He measures 6'7 240 pounds and has a freakish frame. He runs in the 4.7 range and is very athletic, explosive and strong. He comes off the ball low and plays with leverage. He plays DE and TE for us, but I think with his intensity and his ability to play down hill, he will be an outstanding defensive player in college.... He is a very gifted player. On the field, he is now destroying kids. "

"The other player we have is Max Beaulieu. Max came to us from Flanagan HS after his freshman year. He was born in Haiti. Max had a great body when he got here, but has really continued to improve since he got here. He has an incredible frame and motor. Max is around 6'4 230, and is a very thick and strong kid. He excels for us in the 3-technique, but he has the acumen to play the 1 or 5-technique. He is a very smart young man. Both these young men really pass the eye-ball test and are a pleasure to coach and develop".

So far, both kids are getting interest from programs all over the nation, including the big three Florida schools. UConn and West Virginia have been to the school in the recent past. Many other schools across the country, including Rutgers, have been sending letters. "When all is said and done, these two kids are going to have great options at the next level. As a coach you just hope they find the right school to help develop them into great men, on and off the field".

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