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Gary Waters wasn't concerned about sparing anyone's feelings as he faced his players in the locker room immediately after Rutgers' lackluster home victory over Fordham on Wednesday. The Knights' normally mild-mannered coach lit into his team in a rare display of anger, shedding the coddling, fatherly image that has been his trademark since he arrived at the school two years ago. Waters blasted their effort, their play and their intensity.
Rutgers basketball: Lamizana rises above Princeton

Ricky Shields understands why so many have made an issue about Rutgers' recent road woes. But he's hoping it becomes less of a focal point now that the Knights have bagged their second road victory of the year -- matching their totals for each of the past two seasons.
Rutgers notebook: Road signs showing more positive results

The entrants in the Battle of Trenton pales to who is best in New Jersey. Neither team is on the level of Rutgers, whose 5-2 jump out of the gate is disappointing only in the sense that its record could be even better following a convincing, 76-70 win over Princeton before 5,117 at Jadwin Gym last night.
Rutgers outlasts Princeton

PRINCETON TOWNSHIP - English may not be his first language, but Herve Lamizana had no trouble understanding Gary Waters on Thursday. The day after the Rutgers men's basketball team had eased past Fordham, coach Waters pulled out the boxscore and read his riot act to the Scarlet. Lamizana's line was the subject. Not the three blocks in his 19 minutes, not the four rebounds when he should be grabbing more, not even the hard-to-live-with two points scored. It was the fact that the 6-foot-10 junior had taken only two shots which triggered the emotional Waters lecture.
Lamizana is learning the language of scoring

PRINCETON - Herve Lamizana's confidence-rattling rejections certainly qualify as forceful. But when it comes to actually using his voice to make a statement, well, the junior from Ivory Coast needed a primer."We had a long talk two days ago," Rutgers coach Gary Waters said, "and twice before this game, I told him, 'Herve, this is going to be a good game.' " And it was.
NorthJersey.com - Rutgers

PRINCETON -- The last time Jerome Coleman was in a slump, watching the Rutgers University men's basketball team's lead evaporate, he kept shooting and shooting. The result was a nationally televised loss at North Carolina that reduced Coleman to tears. After missing 16 shots in that game, including some ill-advised jumpers, Coleman vowed always to play with his head, not over it.
Ailing Coleman helps Rutgers defeat Princeton 76-70 - Courier News

Perhaps that best explains why Herve Lamizana, laid-back young man that he is, usually needs a verbal kick in the pants to get going on the basketball court.
Ever since getting clearance to play for Rutgers University, the young man has been a conundrum to top all others, possessing talent almost beyond belief --except that sometimes you tend to forget he even has it since he prefers to play such a secondary, if not invisible, role.
The Trentonian

All told, though, when push came to shove, the Knights' man-to-man defense decided things. Rutgers (5-2) really put the clamps on Princeton (3-3) after intermission, forcing the Tigers into a rather pedestrian 10-for-30 effort from the field in the final 20 minutes.
The Trentonian

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