Quintero Frierson


Quintero Frierson, 6-1, 215, LB, 4.5, Coral Gables HS, Coral Gables, FL    

Current leaders:


What was the visit like?

"I liked it a lot."

Who did you hang with?

"I was hosted by Dondre Asburry. I hung with the rest of team. We went to the academic part of the school and then we went over to New York City. There were a number of Florida players who all seemed to enjoy the visit a lot."

What is your impression of Rutgers now?

"My feelings about Rutgers hasn't changed. I still like them."

What other visits are you taking?

Illinois State - On January 24, 2003.


Last year Frierson had an astonishing 142 tackles in the regular season. Through the first five games this season, he has 88 tackles, two interceptions, and two sacks. Frierson was named one of the best prospects in Florida in a preseason choice of top players by the Orlando Sentinel.

This year Quintero had 161 tackles, 7 sacks. He had one td on defense and 3 on offense. He plays  tight end on offense where he had two catches for TDs and one run for a TD. The TD on Defense was a 40 interception.


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