It is now 50-50

It has been more than six months since Jordan Hill gave Greg Schiano and staff his commitment to be a Scarlet Knight. However, Hill is reconsidering his commitment to Rutgers before he makes a final decision.

There is a trend to employ athletic defensive tackles with the ability to make plays beyond the tackle box. Players with the size,athleticism and strength to play this position is hard to find. As a result, there is a premium placed on these players creating heavy competition. This "demand" has help to create the indecision for players such as Jordan Hill who is now a soft commitment to Rutgers.

Hill is now 50-50 between Rutgers and Pittsburgh where he is scheduled to visit on the weekends of January 23rd and December 12th, respectively. The reason for his change is due to a feeling that he rushed to decision to attend Rutgers without fully exploring his options at Pitt. "They (Pitt) has a lot of local people and has had success...I have a good relationship with the coaches and players. Pitt reminds me of home because of the local people."

The visit to Pitt will allow his parents with an opportunity to experience the school and get to know the coaches. "They have seen a lot of Rutgers so the visit will give them a chance to see Pitt"

After the visit, Hill will sit down with his parents and coach to determine his next step which could be a commitment to Pitt or a decision to visit Rutgers before making a final decision.

Note: Hill's team will be playing for the Pennsylvania state championship against Clarion High School on Friday night. His team is currently 15-0. On the year, he racked up an impressive 11 sacks, 90+ tackles and 3 INTs which he ran back each for a touchdown..


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