Focus Is Now On NC State

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Whistles are blowing, his staff is instructing their players, yet Rutgers football head coach Greg Schiano is carefully deciding where to position himself during practice session.

"You're right. You can't be everywhere," Schiano said after Friday morning's training session in the RU Bubble. "Our defensive staff does a great job. They don't need me there so I go back and forth."

Schiano said he reviews film afterwards to catch up on what he missed in practice.

With 10 days until the Bowl in Birmingham, Schiano said he begin his review of NC State game film within the next few days and will further that process each day.

Schiano also addressed travel expectations, which preclude transfer students.

"The only guys who don't travel are the transfer students: Stephante Kent (a sophomore linebacker from Atlantic City, who played two years ago at LaSalle) and Marcus Witherspoon (a 6-2, 225-pound linebacker transfer from Michigan)," Schiano said.

Schiano said he is hopeful that Witherspoon will return fully healthy by the 2009 season.

"I don't know, I hope so," Schiano said. He's recovering, doing a good job. It's just you can't rush tendons."

Notes and Tidbits from Schiano:

Q: Did you know senior free safety Courtney Greene was this good when he first arrived?

A: We didn't know it until he practiced. We didn't have a long history with Courtney. Courtney was introduced to us by Ray Rice. Pretty quickly, in training camp, we knew that he was a good player. Once I checked out Ray's buddy-- that was enough to give him a scholarship.

Q: Quick study?

A: Yes.

Q: Talk about Andrew DePaola, who has taken reps at quarterback, wide receiver, holder and long snapper before returning to quarterback this week.

A: Pretty valuable guy, no doubt about it and he's an unselfish guy, because he'd really want to play wideout right now. We can't afford to do that.

Q: Is there a pad answer why you go 1-5 and then 6-0?

A: Just like we said all long, we were missing by a little bit and then we started hitting by a little bit. There's a fine line between losing and winning at this level.

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