Two Visits Down, Three to Go

Sometimes a growth spurt does more than grow a few inches. For Nolan MacMillan, it gave him the opportunity to play college football. "Right now I have around 15 offers," MacMillan said. "I've taken two official visits to Iowa and Georgia Tech. I enjoyed both. They're both good experiences, different, but I enjoyed both. And I'm not sure what official visits I'm taking in January."

MacMillan graduated from high school in Toronto, just north of the border. MacMillan said he joined the Hun School in Princeton as a post-graduate to work on his size and maturity.

"I'm actually a post-graduate player here, so I finished high school in Canada," MacMillan said. "Last season I was about 6-foot-4 and a half, 230 pounds. I put a lot of work into the weight room and I was lucky enough to get a growth spurt. Now I'm 6-6 285 pounds. Things just kind of happened quickly for me at a good time. I left Toronto and I still had training to do."

Should MacMillan consider Rutgers, the 17-mile drive would require a short trip on Route 1 for the offensive lineman.

"I've been to the Louisville game and that was my biggest interaction with the campus," he said, referring to the Scarlet Knights' 63-14 season finale win over the conference rival Cardinals.

MacMillan also had an opportunity to meet Kyle Flood, RU's offensive line coach, in Piscataway and at the Hun School.

"Coach Flood has visited me a couple of times at the Hun School," MacMillan said. "And we run twice a week at six in the morning before school and he was able to make it to one of those."

This past season has been a blessing for MacMillan, who, despite the numerous offers, has yet to announce his final decision.

"I don't really have a top 4 or 5 or anything like that," he said. "I'm pretty much interested in all of the schools at this point that have good academics and good football programs, where I feel comfortable with the coaches. I'm not going to make a top five, just going to make the best decision."

MacMillan said he looks for certain characteristics in collegiate football programs, especially in the academic realm.

"A good football program is one where I have good interaction with the coaches and I trust them and want to buy into their program," he said. "You can look at their past but you have to look at the players they're recruiting. Most importantly, I'm going to want a school that will give me a good degree, no matter if I'm winning 12 games a season."

MacMillan admired Rutgers, which received a high ranking (997 out of 1000) in an NCAA academic progress report of its student-athletes.

"Yeah, they're a good academic school," MacMillan said, later adding, "I have a good feeling for Rutgers. I enjoyed meeting Coach Flood and I talked to Head Coach Greg Schiano on the phone a couple of times. I got to see the game day atmosphere, something you don't see at every school."

Rutgers also had a Canadian on roster, Jamaal Westerman, who graduated after a very successful football career there.

"I know Jamaal Westerman did very well there," MacMillan. "He came from a high school in Toronto."

When asked if he would extend the Canadian legacy at Rutgers, MacMillan responded, "Exactly."

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