Fortt Gives RU JR Day an A rating

Rutgers hosted some of its more coveted prospects from the 2010 class today during its 1st Junior Day event. And we had a chance to catch up with Khairi Fortt‘s dad, Guy Fortt. Khairi is one of the top LB in the nation.

"I think Rutgers did a great job today. They were really organized. They have high ambitions for the program and they have a nice plan for the future of the program. All the coaches gave off a good vibe and had good energy. I got a chance to speak with people like Coach Rippon, Coach Susan, Coach Frazier. We then had a sit down talk with Coach Schiano and it went really well. They are really talented coaches and also good people that make you feel at home. I give the event an A ranking".

"The coaches spoke really well about the program. Then several other people spoke like Tom Savage, Art Forst, one of the McCoutry twins, and Jamal Westerman. They all did a great job of representing the program. They all seem like great people. They were class acts".

Khairi attended the event with his father, a teammate, as well as Christian Gill, a fellow star in the FCIAC conference. Gill (6'0 185 Safety) has been a two time All-County player at Bridgeport Central and is hoping to get on the recruiting radar. This is his second time to Rutgers. Below are some of his opinions on the day and his future.

"So far I have been to Penn State and Rutgers. I was at Rutgers for the Louisville game. They just do a great job. Those guys really take their jobs serious. I am so impressed with them. I spoke to Coach Rippon and Coach Hewitt for a bit. They want me to come down for camp. They made me motivated to come out and work harder and hope to impress them".

Gill will be attending the New Level 7-on-7 tournament in late February at Rutgers, as well as several other camps and combines along the way. "Coach Kevin Gilbride from Temple came in to school to talk to my coach about me. I am getting mail from a lot of different places and events. I have got to sit down and figure out what I am going to do. Once basketball season ends, I am going to really focus on my senior season. But events like this at Rutgers really opened my eyes to what is out there".

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