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After 40 minutes of playing it as cool as he possibly could, blocking out the loud, boisterous crowd, the derisive chants and the game-long booing, Todd Billet finally let his emotions go. Jason Clark was walking to the other end of the floor to shoot a couple of free throws with 4.1 seconds left and Virginia holding a two-point lead when Billet stopped his teammate and leaped into his arms.
It was, after all, finally time to celebrate.
Rutgers: Billet returns, and Knights can't handle it

Ricky Shields didn't mince words afterward. The Rutgers sophomore not only insisted he was fouled on his attempted drive to tie the game against Virginia last night with 5.1 seconds left -- no call was made -- he said if the Cavs' Todd Billet had made the play in his place that the call would have been made. "I got fouled and the ref swallowed his whistle," Shields said. "It's not fair, but life is unfair."
Rutgers notebook: Shields blows whistle on refs

PISCATAWAY - Sean Axani jumped up in front of the basket, readied his fingers, and hovered as the ball rolled once, twice, and then a third time.The Rutgers forward was expecting it to roll off the rim. The ball had come off the hands of Todd Billet, Axani's friend, one-time teammate, and the reason for Rutgers' sold-out crowd Saturday night. Todd Billet, the one who ran out of Rutgers to Virginia, who had to listen as everyone said his replacement was an improvement, who was serenaded all night by boos and chants and nasty T-shirts. Todd Billet, who had convinced himself the rabidly hostile people didn't make the Louis Brown Athletic Center any less his home.And so, the ball fell through the net. And Billet taunted the crowd right back.
NorthJersey.com - Rutgers

PISCATAWAY -- This was supposed to be Todd Billet's homecoming, but Rutgers University men's basketball fans made it clear that the former Scarlet Knight no longer was welcome in their house.
The junior shooting guard, who transferred to Virginia in April 2001, was booed every time he touched the ball in his return to the sold-out Louis Brown Athletic Center on Saturday night. But Billet led the Cavaliers to a 61-57 victory.
Billet carries Virginia in return to Rutgers - Courier News

PISCATAWAY -- Throughout last night's game between Rutgers and Virginia, Todd Billet endured a verbal onslaught from fans who started by calling him a traitor and quickly graduated to far worse epithets.
The Trentonian

Women's Basketball

With each shot, the Rutgers crowd anxiously anticipated whether this would be the time the ball would drop in. One fan couldn't stand to watch, opting instead to read a newspaper.  "Come on," another yelled. "You're not even trying."  None of the annoyance was directed at Rutgers, though. It was all aimed at Harvard, which managed just seven first-half points before losing, 79-40, yesterday at the Rutgers Athletic Center in Piscataway.
Rutgers women: Offer Harvard no sympathy in blowout victory

PISCATAWAY - The ghost of Christmas Past is where it should be. In the past, the rearview mirror, the history book.
Christmas 2001 found Rutgers' women's basketball team in the middle of what would become an eight-game losing streak, the sugarplums filled with pits that would grow into a 9-20 season Vivian Stringer will never forget and hopes never again will endure.
Revived Rutgers now happy with Cappie

PISCATAWAY - Harvard hadn't scored a point for more than 11 minutes and the ugliness was starting to get to everyone. Well, almost everyone. One Rutgers fan moaned, "Come on Harvard, try harder." Another pulled out a newspaper. Two little girls, dressed in red, started playing patty-cake. But the Scarlet Knights refused to let up, and Rutgers guard Cappie Pondexter became visibly peeved when asked if even a teeny part of her felt sorry for the hapless Ivy Leaguers.
NorthJersey.com - Rutgers

PISCATAWAY -- It was the appropriate time of year for a gift-wrapped victory as the Rutgers University women's basketball team defeated Harvard 79-40 Saturday at the Louis Brown Athletic Center.
Rutgers women cruise to victory over Harvard - Courier News

PISCATAWAY -- If C. Vivian Stringer's Christmas list included some precision passing, a tenacious defense and a dominating offense, there's no need for any further shopping.
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