Junior Solice Elects To Be A Scarlet Knight

Rutgers added another commitment to the class of 2009 in the form of 6'2"-230lbs MLB Junior Solice. He might be one of those unfamiliar names to Rutgers fans. But he is a very athletic prospect who played numerous positions at Hackensack before settling at MLB for Coach Mike Miello.

SOR had the opportunity to discuss Junior Solice's commitment to Rutgers with former Scarlet Knights assistant and Hackensack Coach Mike Miello. "Yes, Junior Solice verbally committed to Rutgers. From day one, Rutgers was his number one choice. Rutgers is a great fit for him. He has an opportunity to play for a great coach and great program along with an opportunity to contribute down the line."

A foot injury limited Solice's productivity. "He had a Jones fracture in his foot which would normally require surgery." This was an injury where most players might not have wanted to endanger their career. In a testimony of his dedication and will, Solice elected to be placed in a boot which he also wore at night in an effort to continue to play. The therapy allowed him to only miss two games and help Hackensack reach the championship. As Coach Miello states, "we are not as successful without him".

Rutgers recruited Solice as a LB. "Rutgers recruited him as an LB but he has a chance to put a hand on the ground. He could be a 245lbs LB and look pretty much the same or be a 270lbs DE". For Hackensack, he was a standout. "He was a primary MLB in the conference and it was unanimous among the coaches. I have him ranked as one of the top 3 LBs I have ever coached. That includes Greg Schiano which puts him in good company."

Like many prospects in the Rutgers class, Solice is athletic. "I did not realize how athletic he was until I watched him play basketball". Solice is a forward for the Comets and is a vigorous rebounder and high flyer, who has had multiple slam dunk games.

Solice reminds Coach Miello of another late Rutgers commitment. "I feel it will be the Ron Girault story again." Referring to the former Rutgers standout, who received a late scholarship offer and became a starter as a freshman. It has yet to be seen if Solice will attain the success of Ron Girault but Solice has the physical tools and toughness to be a contributor.

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