A Star in the Making

At 6'0 185lbs, sophomore Savon Huggins from St. Peters Prep is quickly becoming the premier RB. Huggins has the ability to not only run over the competition but around it as well. His running style has been compared to that of Adrian Peterson which says a great deal about his physical strength and tenacity. This soon-to-be national recruit took a moment to discuss his upcoming season.

"I am excited about next season and the possibility of winning a state championship. I am focusing on team, work ethic and academics because I realize that when I'm not going hard, someone else is. I use that as my motivation", said Huggins.

In fact, Huggins didn't talk much about himself or recruiting. He instead used this opportunity to highlight his teammates. Huggins is definitely lucky to have such a huge offensive linemen to run behind. Savon stated, " Jake Kaufman is huge, really good and does what he has to do. Keith Lumpkin is a sophomore like me and is also a really good player. He will be lifting with us once basketball season is over for him. It's all about the team and working together", Huggins said. The St. Peters Prep mammoth offensive line is also highlighted by standout Anthony Wilkins.

Huggins claimed to be receiving plenty of attention from Rutgers as well as many other universities although he didn't want to get into specifics. He realizes that he has a long way to go before having to select a collegiate destination. Therefore, he is going to use this opportunity to just get better and enjoy the ride.

The 2nd Team All- Hudson County performer is excited about the maturation of his young team and their potential for the future. "We are ready for anything. I don't care if it's a college team, if we play together as a team, we can play with anybody". The realization of that prophecy will definitely be tested playing in Hudson County, but if any player in the state can will his team to win, Savon Huggins can.

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