Simply "Huge"

It's a bird, it's a plane…. Nope, it's Jake Kaufman. At 6'8 347 lbs, at first glance, one might think they have walked past a skyscraper. Jake's sheer size makes him one of the most intriguing prospects in the state of New Jersey. Imagine you are a defensive end and it's the first play of the game.

You walk up to the line and realize you are likely to be manhandled. What do you do at this point? I guess you just pray, brace yourself and hope for the best.

The mammoth tackle is not just a big guy, but also has good football ability. Jake encompasses the size of Mike Fladell and the athletic ability of Art Forst. His feet move well enough for him to play left tackle at St. Peters Prep. (NJ), which is quickly becoming "O-line Prep". With guys like Wilkes who signed with Stanford, Wilkins who is serving his final term, and upcoming guys like Keith Lumpkin, there is no shortage of size nor D1A potential. You would think that a guy this big, especially at a school with such prominent offensive line talent, would be a right tackle, but obviously he is a solid enough pass protector to keep his quarterback on his feet. "I am a good pass protector and run blocker. I'm basically an all-around tackle", said Kaufman. Jake projects as a right tackle on the next level.

It has been well documented that Kaufman is receiving interest from many schools around the country and has offers from Stanford and Rutgers. He claims he would like to declare before the upcoming gridiron season in order to focus on football. As for Rutgers, he stated, ‘Schiano and coach Flood are great coaches. I was at Rutgers for Jr. Day. Rutgers is a great school and good, rising football program". It sounds like Rutgers is definitely in the running for this sensational young man's services.

"My current goals are to work hard to get quicker, stronger, and increase team chemistry. I am striving for the best, want to lock in, look forward and don't look back", said Jake. Kaufman currently sports a 335 lb. bench press, 465 lb. squat and 5.1 forty yard dash time.

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