Catching Up With Bujari

Since becoming the first player in the class of 2010 to commit to the Scarlet Knights in November of 2008, Jr. Betim Bujari has been somewhat of a mystery man. SOR recently got a hold of him and found out what he's been up to for the past few months. We were able to get some insight as to who he is and what he plans to bring to the table at Rutgers.

Betim Bujari is an all- sports athlete who hails originally from Albania. He is a standout in the discus, shot put, and football in which he received All-Hudson County honors in all of them. Betim plays basketball in the off-season as well to stay in shape and improve his footwork. When asked what he's been up to, Bujari responded, "I have been training hard, lifting 4 days per week and running two miles per day. I have been concentrating on what's important right now and that's next football season". Betim encompasses a 350 lb. bench press and 450 lb. squat. Bujari plays all over the field for his Secaucus H.S. (NJ) football team including defensive tackle, defensive end, linebacker, offensive tackle, guard and center. He projects at either guard, center or possibly even defensive tackle, if need be, on the next level.

This 6'4 285 lb., multi- faceted, young man doesn't seem to care much for the acclaim or accolades. When asked about his stats he respectfully stated, "I don't pay attention to stats. All I know is I do whatever it takes for my team to win. I like being the underdog. I just shut my mouth and play to win. I plan to bring that attitude to Rutgers". This no-nonsense, team-first approach along with his tremendous versatility is what has propelled Bujari to receiving such an early offer from Rutgers University.

In regards to his early Rutgers commitment, Betim stated, "My coach sat me down and we put up a bulletin board. Although I didn't have any other offers at the time, we played What If These Other Schools Offer, Where Would I Go? What I came to see is that even if the other schools who were recruiting me were to offer, I would still select Rutgers, so I committed. And you can trust that I stand true to my word. Plus, I feel that when you stay home you play with heart and go harder. So I figured, why wait when I know where I want to be. This way I wouldn't have to prepare for all of the combines and camps and could just focus on Rutgers". If Bujari isn't a Rutgers kid, then I don't know what one is.

He also stated, "Rutgers is like a family. I have a big family of my own and we are really close. Rutgers reminds me of home. I know everyone and everything going on in my town. When (transitioning) to High School, I was being persuaded by many to go to St. Peters Prep School but I instead chose to go to Secaucus and play with the guys I came up with. That is the same way I feel about Rutgers. I just love the place".

Bujari plans to look on at spring practice to get the hang of how the off-season is run. "Spring practice is just another opportunity to learn more. Every time I meet up with Coach Schiano and Coach Flood, I learn so much. That's why I know Rutgers is the place for me, said Bujari. If they were all like Betim Bujari, it would be oh so easy. We will stay in contact with him and keep you posted on his off-season conditioning.

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