Speed Kills

J.T. Tartacoff is fast. Not only is he fast, but he has the wiggle that can turn a loss into a big gain. The 6'0, 184 pound rocket from Montgomery H.S. (NJ) has been hand timed as low as 4.34 in the 40 yard dash.

His great speed allows him to play multiple positions and terrorize opposing teams from all over the field. Any collegiate program in the country should be able to find a spot for such a multi-talented young sprinter.

In 2008, J.T. Tartacoff accounted for 517 yards rushing, 180 yards receiving, 74 yards passing and a total of 9 TD's (1 KR TD). The thing that makes these numbers all the more amazing is that J.T. accomplished all of this in only 6 games. "We started the season hot at 4-2, then I got hurt and we lost the next 4 games. It killed me to sit out and watch my team lose ball games when I believe I could have helped them", said Tartacoff.

The 1st Team All-Somerset County athlete is quite philosophical in describing his game. He mentioned, "I'm fast. I play with a lot of speed and give my best effort every time. I attempt to create separation, not drop many passes and make life as easy as possible for my QB. I don't mind blocking either. Actually, blocking is one of my favorite things to do." It sounds like Tartacoff is mindful of developing an all-around repertoire which can be useful in this day and age of spread offenses and the single wing.

J.T. is being recruited by Rutgers, Connecticut, Pittsburg, Maryland, North Carolina, Wake Forrest, Georgia, Michigan State, Clemson and Penn State. His sole offer has come at the hands of Rutgers University.

"I like them (Rutgers) a lot. I have been out there on many occasions. They are doing what it takes to try and win a championship and I admire that. They care about their kids and want them to be successful off the field as well as on. I feel like you can sit down with coach Schiano and he'll help you", he stated.

Academics, learning life lessons, and having a strong relationship with the coaching staff are most important to J.T. in selecting a school. He stated, "I understand that only a rare handful of guys go to the next level. I want to go somewhere that I can become a man and learn to contribute to society. I also want to be where the coaches truly care about the players and don't just cross them off their list once they graduate. He sounds like a terrific young man, I must say.

Tartacoff will be participating in this weekend's upcoming 7-on-7 at Rutgers University. SOR will be there to bring the action to you.

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