Who's Who in the Sunshine State - Part II

The state of Florida has given Rutgers some very talented contributors on the defensive side of the ball over the years. Players such as Eric Foster, Jarvis Johnson, Terry Bynes and Quintero Frierson have elevated Greg Schiano's program by establishing a defensive presence. Players such as Justin Francis, Jonathan Freeny and David Rowe are expected to make an impact in the upcoming season.

In the following article, we plan on covering some of the names we may see Rutgers become involved with from the 2010 class.

DL: The 2010 class is loaded at the defensive line position. The main players that SOR considers at the top of the list include David Perry, Delvin Jones, Sir Reginald Moore, Calvin Smith, and Max Beaulieu. University High in Fort Lauderdale is home to DE David Perry and DT Max Beaulieu. Perry has been playing football for only one year, but is a D.C. Jefferson-esque specimen. Perry has measured in at 6'6" 230-pounds, and has a great frame and long wing span. He is also a top basketball player and overall an elite athlete. He could play the position in the 270-pound range in the right strength program. Perry has the potential to be a first-day pick if he evolves as a DL.

Beaulieu is in the 6'3" 235-pound range and plays with a high motor. He reminds one of Justin Francis at this stage of the game. He has the versatility to play the 1, 3, or 5 technique.

Delvin Jones from Palmetto High School is a DE with the speed of a wide-receiver. He has elite size and speed with a freakish body and frame at (6'5" 230-pounds), Jones can be a top tier player anywhere in the nation.

Sir Reginald Moore from Dillard (6'1" 260-pounds) is a big man that can really motor. He has a big upper body and powerful legs. He has an impressive first step and has the look of a solid player at the 1-technique.

At Hialeah High, while Corey Lemonier gets the major attention, Calvin Smith (6'4" 240-pounds) is a prospect with a siginificant upside as an interior lineman and will get major attention in the spring.

A player from outside the region that was very impressive at the Under-Armour Combine is DL Andrew Rice that hails from Lake Mary, Florida, just north of Orlando. Rice is a 6'1.5" 260-pound DT that has a lean, symmetrical build and comes off the ball well. Rice can be a force at the 1 or 3 technique in college.

LB: The LB position is highlighted by two elite, physical specimens in Gideon Ajagbe and Darius Davis. Ransom Everglades' Ajagbe (6'1" and 200-pounds) runs like a safety and has great range. He already claims an offer from Florida, as well as others. Dr. Krop's LB Darius Davis is 6'0" and 210-pounds and is one of those creatures that just makes your jaw drop. He is a big time player athletically. The only question mark is that he is a Bay Point transfer.

An under the radar recruit worth a look is Miramar's Jamaal Bass. Bass measured in at 5'11" and 200-pounds and ran well. He had very good measurables and is quite explosive on film.

CB: LeMarcus Joyner (5'8" 180-pounds) from Miami Southwest is the top prospect in the region. Human beings should not be this quick. He reminds me of Darrell Green with his ability at CB. Not too far behind is Tony Grimes, a 6' and 180-pound CB from Hollywood Hills. I would have offered this kid yesterday. When I heard that Miami may not be recruiting Green, I was absolutely stunned. This is a Miami, Florida, Florida State level prospect all the way. Think of a bigger David Rowe. Grimes has the versatility to play CB or Safety. An under-the-radar recruit and one of the best in South Florida is Gareef Glashen (5'10" 170-pound) from Carol City. Glashen is a very physical CB with solid instincts that runs well. He is another offerable prospect that may be a steal for someone down the road. Khambrel McGee (5'7" 160-pounds) at Miami - Northwestern (MNW) has great cover skills. While Khalid Marshall at MNW gets a lot of attention, this guy has superb ability. You can leave him out on an island and he can get the job done. He is a very solid prospect. Cody Riggs (5'10" and 160-pounds) from St. Thomas is a top cover corner with great feet and hips. He already holds a Rutgers offer.

At the safety position, Gilbert St. Louis (5'10" 175-pounds) from Plantation is a thick safety that absolutely flies. St Louis has track speed and already earned a UConn offer. The Homestead combination of Demetrius Pittway (5'11" and 180-pounds) and Darren Kitchens (6'2" 200-pounds) maybe one of the top combinations on the east coast. Pettway has great skills and earned All-Dade honors last year. Kitchens has the physical skills to become a big time college safety. Brian Robinson (6'0" 170-pounds) from St. Thomas will be highly recruited. He is a smooth prospect with offers from many of the top schools in the land.

Glades Central's Travis Bell (6'1 180) is a very physical and fast defender. He also will be recruited nationally. Bell comes from a program that has been friendly to Rutgers in the past years.

Lastly, two names to the north will be mentioned. Cocoa's E.J. Johnson (6'1" 170-pounds) is a former teammate of Rutgers' David Rowe. Johnson is considered one of the top safeties in the state. Marvin Robinson from Eagle Rock appears like an early Michigan lean. Robinson is expected to garners offer from all across the country We would not be surprised if either are mentioned as looking at Rutgers down the road.

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