Badger Scout 7-on-7 At Rutgers Part 1

The Badger Sports 7-on-7 event at Rutgers was a terrific showcase for the most talented skill position players throughout the Northeast. The top tier athletes from New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island were on hand.

The teams were divided by state and each encompassed 16 individuals more or less. States like New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania fielded two separate teams due to the abundance of talent in those states at the skill positions.

The battles begun to heat up in the semifinals of the single elimination tournament. In one half of the draw, Connecticut faced Maryland team number 1 (The red team) in a classic showdown. Connecticut was lead by superstar running back Silas Redd of King and Low Heyward Thomas H.S. and ultra-smooth Wide Receiver Christian Gill of Bridgeport Central. These two players were amongst the best of anyone at the event. The Maryland team was headed by quarterback Billy Cosh of Arundel High. The young QB continually stood tall and completed pinpoint passes to keep his team in the game although in the end, the devastating 1-2 punch of Redd and Gill was too much for the guys of Maryland to overcome. The two superstars just routinely created highlight reel material play after play offensively and defensively as well.

The other semi-final hosted New Jersey team number 1 (Black Team) against New Hampshire. New Jersey had a ton of big names including Quadir Pendleton, Savon Huggins, Kyle Polk, Malcolm Griggs, Kamal Hogan, Antonio Sibilia, Terence Casper, Ryan Cobb and Corey Davis. The most notable player on the New Hampshire roster wasn't even from New Hampshire but instead was invited to fill a vacated spot on the Roster. His name is Elonte Allen from Gambrills, Maryland. The long-legged receiver made key catches to keep his team in the game. In the end, the star power from the New Jersey squad was just too much to overcome. If it wasn't Pendleton throwing bombs for touchdowns, it was Hogan or Huggins sprinting to the house, or Polk and Davis picking off passes, or Casper making tough grabs in the corner of the end zone. It was just ridiculous how talented New Jersey team Number 1 was.

The final game matched the powerful New Jersey squad against the terrific 1-2 punch of Redd and Gill. The game was tight all the way down to the wire, encompassing point swings throughout. Redd and Gill again showed why they are the best that Connecticut had to offer but, the New Jersey team was just too potent. Since neither team could stop the other, it basically came down to who had the ball last with adequate time to drive down the field. That team happened to be from New Jersey. As the final horn blew, you could hear huge chants of "Jer…sey!, Jer…sey!, Jer…sey!". The New Jersey team won the Badger Sports camp 7-on-7 event by one score over Connecticut. Quadir Pendleton, Kyle Polk, Savon Huggins and Kamal Hogan were the standouts of the final battle.

Another team I feel the need to mention is Virginia. Somehow they couldn't put it together to win the tournament, but overall talent wise, they might have been the best. They had a bunch of huge Division 1A talent averaging about 8-10 offers apiece. Thing is, most of the guys that they had at the event were linebacker/ tight end / defensive end types who won't necessarily win you a 7-on-7 tournament, but if you put them out on a real football field, it could get ugly. The team was highlighted by Daquan Romero, Zachary McCray, Travis Williams, Anthony Williams and Aramide Olaniyan, all five of which are Grade A prospects and potential 20 offer kids. SOR will provide continuing coverage of this event, including video interviews with several of the aforementioned prospects. later this week.

There were many local offensive standouts at the event. I will break them down by position for easier digestion.


The quarterback group was talented and had a lot of potential. The best pure all- around quarterback that I witnessed at the event was Jr. Billy Cosh (6'2 195) from Gambrills, Maryland. He displayed the intelligence and competitive nature to become a top flight signal caller. The main reason why I was so impressed with Cosh was because he wasn't just throwing the ball, he went through reads and progressions. There is nothing better than a QB who makes everyone around them happy. Billy Cosh is just that type of player. He truly spreads the wealth on offense.

The next guy is Jr. Brandon Hill (6'5 215) out of Audubon (NJ). I am truly surprised that Rutgers is his only offer at this point although I'm not complaining. Hill has ridiculous arm strength and a remarkable confidence and pocket presence. He comes in the mold of a true gun slinger. The kid is a legit 6'5 (at least) and can really throw the deep ball. His only setbacks were slight indecision at times due to the 4 second 7-on-7 QB Sack rule which causes you to lose a down if the ball does not leave your hands within that timeframe. In other words, there were times where nothing was open, but due to the 4 seconds winding down he would throw the ball into traffic any way. This is obviously something that is easily corrected. In a real game, he would just toss those balls in the stands or take off running.

Sophomore quarterback Tanner Mcevoy (6'5 195) out of Bergen Catholic (NJ) is very similar to Brandon Hill. They both stand tall in the pocket and can really zip tight spirals down the field. They were actually on the same 7-on 7 team and seemed interchangeable at times. The difference is that, at this time being that Tanner is so young, he didn't seem to yet have the poise and confidence of Hill. I am sure that will come with age though. This kid could be one of the best QB's in the state by his senior year along with Barnegat's (NJ) sophomore 6'4 190 lb. standout Nick Sangiacomo who also made a few things happen at the event.

Finally, we get to Jr. Quadir Pendleton (6'4 180) out of East Orange (NJ). I saved him for last because he is a bit of an anomaly at the QB position. I actually like him there. I think he is a great leader, sees the field very well, knows how to lead receivers and gets the ball to his guys. He has a bit of a push in his throwing motion which I believe can be fixed. Others at the event felt he is more of a wide receiver type. I didn't understand why until one play late in the semi-finals I believe where he went in at wide receiver and caught a 50 yard jump ball at its highest point for a touchdown. It was one of the sickest plays of the day. He reminded me of Randy Moss at that moment. Also, Quadir has some of the biggest mitts I have ever seen. Whatever he decides to do on the next level, I am sure he will be successful.


The best all-around running back that I witnessed at the event was undoubtedly Jr. Silas Redd of King and Low Heyward Thomas H.S. (CT) At 5'11 195 lbs., he has an incredibly chiseled build and already looks like a superstar. The kid has a handshake that will make you go into the bathroom and cry afterwards. Although the 7-on-7 generally doesn't highlight running back ability in the best way, Redd found a way to stand out. His ability to stop and start reminds me of Noel Divine. Although he may not be overall as fast, he is definitely bigger and is as quick. He also showed his ability to catch the football and get up-field.

Sophomore Savon Huggins of St. Peters Prep (NJ) overcame a slow start to show why he is the top up-and-coming player in the state of New Jersey. He has a similar build to Redd at 5'11 190 lbs. As he got his legs underneath him, the kid started to make plays all over the field. His fast, upright, aggressive running style was tough to contend with, even with the touch football settings because opposing teams normally couldn't even get close enough to tag him. As a receiver, he is good at finding holes in the defense and sitting his hips down making himself a good target for quarterbacks. His fast, mechanical, upright, smash mouth running style is comparable to Adrian Peterson. Every time he touches the ball you are afraid he might hurt himself because he just runs so hard.

Kamal Hogan (5'11 196) of St. Josephs Montvale (NJ) showed intensity and a knack to get to the end zone as well. He had one of the best, most athletic football bodies at the event. As a Jr., the kid looks ready to step onto the collegiate football field and produce right now. His powerful, low to the ground running style was accompanied by the ability to catch balls and take them to the house. His recruitment is sure to blow up as he will become the feature back at Montvale next year.

Finally, Jr. Travis Hurd (5'6 180) out of Cheshire Academy (CT) is a compact ball of fire. He moves with the best of them. His short, stocky build makes him hard to keep up with especially when considering the fact that he is fast as well. He gives a lot of shake and bake, but there are no wasted movements. He gets you moving one way and takes off in the opposite direction. His quick twitch running style might just overcome his lack of size and land him at a Division 1A football program. Travis is truly a difference maker and in this day and age of Division 1A backs getting smaller and smaller, he will fit right in. He could find a home either in the slot or the backfield.


The best and most natural receiver that I witnessed at the event was Christian Gill (5'11 175) from Bridgeport Central Connecticut. The funny thing is that he was able to dominate although missing upwards of ¾ of the event due to a prior basketball obligation. This guy just came in, put his cape on and made people look silly. He scored touchdown after touchdown. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He is one of the smoothest receivers I have personally ever seen on the High School level. His "get off" is absolutely astounding, his confidence is about as high as it can get, and he knows what to do with the football after he catches it. Somebody give this kid a D1A scholarship offer please.

The second most impressive WR at the event was Eric Williams out of Pennsbury PA. He is the prototypical 6'3 200 lb. big play WR that universities clamor over. He was a man amongst boys out there with the size and speed to make plays over the top. This guy is more than just a big target and possession receiver. He has it all and can make plays all over the field with the distinct ability to track the ball through the air. He reminds me of, dare I say it, Kenny Britt.

Finally, we have come to Terrence Casper of Camden Catholic (NJ). The 6'6 180 lb. receiver is a handful. Trust me, he is every bit of 6'6 if not bigger. Although he could definitely use some work on the details, mainly his route running and creating separation, you can't deny the prowess of his freakish frame. When you are as big as he is, the little things obviously don't matter as much. Can you say…mismatch? Casper routinely caught balls in the end zone over the top of defenders. It was just ridiculous how he would just "go get it". Opposing teams had no answer for the post and fade routes. It was simply pitch and catch.


Jr. Andrew Tallman out of BC High in Massachusetts is a huge target and skilled big man. He stands 6'6 and weighs 250 lbs. The kid exhibits good enthusiasm for the game and moves well for a guy his size. Once he gets in the weight room and transforms his body a bit, he has the tangibles to be a good one. Andrew has the ability to get off the line affectively and shield defenders away from the football… sort of like a box out. His hands are definitely adequate enough for him to remain at the tight end position on the next level. Whether he remains at tight end or moves to tackle is dependent upon what he does with his body.

Jr. Jerome Lewis from Rochester New York is a bit of a WR/TE hybrid although he may end up on defense. He has immense leadership qualities, a terrific personality and is a true competitor. At 6'2 225 lbs., his movement is better than most his size and he is definitely excited about the game of football. Lewis made a catch on a jump ball in the end zone where he beat out 3 defenders at the point of attack. The play earned a tremendous amount of oohs and aahs throughout the bubble as well as a chant of "New… York!, New… York!".

Stay tuned for the defensive breakdown tomorrow.

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