Badger Scout 7-on-7 At Rutgers Part 2

The defense was in abundance at Saturday's 7-on-7 challenge at Rutgers, but there were a few players who went above and beyond to stand out amongst the best in the region. These players excelled in a format created for scoring points making their accomplishment that much more of a spectacular feat.

We were impressed to see how hard these particular kids fought to keep their more liberated foes out of the end zone. Being that having Defensive tackles and Defensive ends is somewhat counterproductive in the 7-on 7 format, there were few to none at the event. Therefore, I'm going to start with the linebackers. As you will see, Piscataway H.S. was well- represented at the event.


Kyle Polk proved to be a Division 1A caliber defender. Every once in a while, you come across a player who doesn't necessarily possess prototypical size at a specific position, but nonetheless can truly play the game at a high level. Polk is definitely one of them. At 6'1 210 very solid pounds, the Jr. Captain from Piscataway is a player. Personally, he was the best overall defender I witnessed at the event by far. He can do it all. He moved like a deer to keep up with receivers half his size. Kyle also showed the ability to jam receivers and catch the football. Normally, linebacker types get lost in the shuffle at 7-on-7 events, but not Kyle. I personally counted at least 3 interceptions all of which I got on tape, I believe. His superb coverage prompted me to shout out, "you're gonna mess around and find yourself at corner". He was just that good. Kyle was the leader of the New Jersey team defense and showed why his Piscataway Chiefs recently won a state championship.

Sophomore LB Quentin Gause of Rochester NY probably had the best body of anyone at the event. At approximately 6'2 210 extremely lean pounds of sculpted muscle, this kid is on the verge of becoming the number one prospect out of New York in 2011. Physically, they don't make them any better. The kid can't be more than 5% body fat. His father happens to be a personal trainer so his physique will only get better. Although playing out of position, Gause showed the ability to stick on receivers and make big plays. He also exhibited the confidence to consistently catch the football and truly compete with the older kids.

6'0" 215 lb. Ryan Cobb also played well. He displayed a terrific work ethic and intelligence unmatched by many of his peers. He did a good job controlling his area of the field and effectively tagged players who entered his zone with the football. Cobb probably projects as a linebacker/strong safety on the next level, where he could become the quintessential "program guy", meaning a smart, team-first guy who brings great intangibles to a football program.


Personally, I feel that corners are at a disadvantage in a 7-on-7, but Corey Davis of St. Peters Prep (NJ) proved that a corner can look good while participating in the event. At 5'8 165 lbs., Corey Davis displayed pure CB skills. He routinely locked down his side of the field and gave a ton of trouble to the many bigger receivers he faced. Corey was poised and was not often caught out of position which is a task in such a wide open style of play.

Damien Thomas of East Orange can flat out play. The shut down CB plays the position with the tenacity of a linebacker. He is a tough, strong, athletic corner who can jam you and stick to your hips like glue. At 5'9 165 lbs., Thomas had enough strength as well as skill to battle the 6'6 mountain of a man, Terrence Casper. The two really went at it with each winning their fair share of battles. I think he can be a terrific Division 1A standout for any school with the smarts to give him an offer. You can really tell he loves competition and the game of football.

Arlando Scott (5'8 170) of North point (MD) was probably one of the overall fastest players that I witnessed at the event. He claims to have been hand timed as fast as 4.28 in the forty yard dash. No one on the field could run with him. Although primarily a running back, Arlando showed the hands to catch the football as well as the speed and cover skills to stick with anyone. He might just find a home on the defensive side of the ball at the next level. He is currently most comfortable running the football, but based on the skill set that he displayed, I feel that he would be best suited at either corner or in the slot.


The top safety standout at the event was Juwaan Wynn of Piscataway (NJ). At 6'4 180 lbs., the first word that comes to mind is… rangy. He definitely looks the part as well. He exhibited the ability to get where he needed to go as well as tremendous closing speed and concentration to catch the football. The tall, lean prospect will be a terror after a few meals and a collegiate weight training program. His lateral quickness makes him a prime Division 1A candidate at the Free Safety position if not at WR for a program who has a need there.

Jr. Malcolm Griggs of Piscataway also showed that he can cover some ground as a safety. He seemed really comfortable there and communicated well with his teammates to keep his side of the field intact. Griggs is good enough to be receiving serious attention from West Virginia to play there. He along with teammate Jawaan Wynn created a "no fly zone" in the 7-on-7. Have you ever heard of anything so preposterous? Unfortunately, opposing foes of Piscataway are going to have to deal with the tandem this upcoming season.

Other notable defenders consisted of guys previously mentioned on offense including Silas Redd, who displayed superb cornerback coverage, making tremendous plays throughout the event as well as Christian Gill who I believe ended up with 5 interceptions in only a couple hours of stop and start play. Savon Huggins also showed the ability to stick to offenders consistently throughout a grueling 10-hour day. SOR will keep you posted as the recruitment of these extremely talented individuals' progresses.

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