Ready for Recognition

At 6'6 and 285 athletic pounds, you would think that talented Jr. Left Tackle Jorge Vicioso would be closing in on at least a couple offers. Instead, due to Passaic High School's (NJ) 2008 1-9 overall football record, Jorge's early recruitment has not been as explosive as it could have been.

Although the talented competitor encompasses the tenacity and frame to become dominant, the win factor or lack there of has obviously affected his options.

Jorge Vicioso stated, "Last year we lost a lot of senior leadership and therefore suffered a tough season. Next year we have a lot of guys returning and plan to reverse our record". He understands the impact that winning games has on one's overall perception. Jorge plans to work diligently during the off-season to ensure much more success this upcoming football season. "I plan to lead my team to our best season since I have been here by working hard and getting a lot stronger. My teammate Najee Salaam is a talented wide reciver. We get the ball to him when we need to score. With the two of us returning as well as the rest of the team improving, we should be much better next year", Jorge said.

Vicioso was selected 1st Team All-NNJIL and 1st Team All-Passaic County in football. He claims to not have given up a sack as well as achieving over 40 pancake blocks in 2008. Jorge explained what he is best at on the football field. He stated, "I am aggressive with the run and like to pass protect. I am best at slide protection, stretch and zone blocking".

Jorge is also a dominant heavy weight wrestler and might be one of the best in the state. His current record is 25-3 and he is participating in the New Jersey Regional Quarterfinals. If he can finish top 3 in this tournament, he moves onto the State tournament which he plans to succeed in. Wrestling has enabled Jorge to remain light on his feet being that the heavyweight limit is 285 lbs.

Although he has received mail from a few schools such as Rutgers, Miami, Georgia, and Ohio State, the only true interest seems to be coming from the direction of West Virginia who has sent Jorge two hand-written letters. Vicioso likes Miami most at this time being that the former coach of his offensive line coach is there and he believes he would be in good hands at that institution.

As for Rutgers, Jorge mentioned, "They seem like a good school. I had to miss their Jr. Day for a wrestling event. It seems like a fun place. I have to get up there and see what's going on". Jorge's final decision will be persuaded by how he fits in, the incoming offensive line class, and his relationship with the offensive line coach. Stay tuned.

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