Running at Will

Jr. Running back George Stephens is a good combination of speed and power. The Asbury Park product has a multitude of ways to defeat his opponents in the open- field. He is currently coming off a State Championship victory over Metuchen High School as well as 1st Team All- Shore and All-Area bids.

George is prepared to continue running all the way into the record books.

Standing at 5-foot-9 and weighing in at 190 lbs., George Stephens was born to run the rock. "I am elusive and bring tremendous power", he stated. His quick moves and progressive strength make him almost unstoppable and have catapulted him to stat sheet stuffer status. In 2008, George compiled over 1,200 yards on the ground, 22 TD's, and a ton of sacks defensively. In fact, he claims to have gotten to the QB so often from his outside linebacker slot that he lost track of the actual number.

George has won two strait state championships and led his team to an overall record of 22-2 over the past 2 seasons. Obviously, he has created a small margin for improvement this upcoming year. Nevertheless, he has still found a solid goal and motivating factor to increase his high school productivity. George mentioned, "I need another ring. We plan to win back to back to back championships. We have had 1 loss in each of the past 2 seasons and will do what it takes to go undefeated next year".

This ambitious young athlete is currently being recruited by Rutgers, Georgia, Alabama, Connecticut, Boston College, and West Virginia to name a few.

He claims that Rutgers is one of his favorites. "It (Rutgers) is a good place. I've been there for Jr. Day and saw 2 of their games last season. I like it. They got Ray Rice to the NFL. I know they give their backs the ball and keep them happy. I think I would fit in there", said Stephens. In the end, his collegiate selection will come down to location, playing time, which he intends to get a lot of, and style of offense. Currently there are no offers on the table, but the tide is certain to turn. We'll keep you posted.

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