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 Basketball Recruiting

The philosophy employed by Rice (N.Y.) High School coach Maurice Hicks in the continued development of senior center Shagari Alleyne drips with irony.

"We take small steps," Hicks said. "He's the type of guy that people look for these leaps in his game and success, but I think that he's the type of guy that every small step equates to a big step for most people. I'm pretty happy with his progress over the years." - Towering New York star learning to take advantage of 7-2 size


Football Recruiting - Miscellaneous commits - New Castle's Billyk commits to Virginia - Mundy commits to Michigan - Lankford commits to Boston College

Orange land Florida receiver

Additionally, Pennsylvania lineman Mike Costanzo chose Villanova over Div 1A offers.



The foreign flavor at Slam Dunk to the Beach is as prevalent as the large blimp that hovers over the Cape Henlopen High School gymnasium floor between games.
The News Journal : SPORTS : Foreign influence growing at Slam Dunk


Big East Football - After WVU falls will Tech rise

Perception, at least among the college football cognoscente, is reality. That is why bowl games often played a month after the regular season is completed have such a disproportionate influence when revisiting the completed regular season and forecasting for the next season. Extrapolating that theory to Virginia Tech highlights what an important game this is to complete the 2002 season and to lay the groundwork for what Hokie fans hope will be a terrific 2003. Diamond Walnut Bowl 2002 Preview

Miami cashes in right now

Whether or not the University of Miami Hurricanes continue their football winning streak against Ohio State's Buckeyes in Friday's Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, their Coral Gables campus will continue to reap the rewards of national champion status.
Sun-Sentinel: Hurricanes

On the merger plan

The RU Merger Steering Committee: Will it be sidetracked

By Michael M. Shapiro

Governor McGreevey recently announced the formation of a group of eighteen state leaders, including former CEO of Merck Roy Vagelos, who will implement the vision of the Commission on Health Science, Education and Training. The Commission, which was originally appointed to improve health science higher education in New Jersey, called for a massive merger of Rutgers, NJIT, and UMDNJ, encompassing all academic fields, without providing any analysis of critically important funding issues or any specifics about how the consolidation will be accomplished. Although the proposed merger will encompass all academic disciplines, of the eighteen members of the newly appointed Steering Committee, nearly half are closely associated with the health science field and the Governor. With Chairman Vagelos's vote, the Steering Committee is aligned in favor of the health sciences, at least on paper. 

The Commission and the Steering Committee were both organized to improve higher education. Interestingly, not one student has been appointed to either the Commission or the Steering Committee. They have been completely left out of the process. The failure to have even one student representing the 75,000 current and hundreds of thousands of future collegians that will be affected by the merger on either of the two commissions is disturbing. With no student involved, a major stakeholder is left out in the cold as the "adults" make decisions behind closed doors.

Speaking about the "adults" involved, the Governor has appointed his Special Counsel, Lucille Davy, to serve on the Steering Committee as a full voting member. Since the Governor has been the major force behind the merger, having his direct employee serve on the committee is troubling. 

Of course, the Steering Committee which is comprised largely of health science activists and the Governor's associates, also needs to control information and its message. So who to turn to? Luckily, the Committee found their man. The Governor is now routinely forwarding questions about the merger to Bill Murray, a lobbyist for MWW Strategic Communications Inc. Mr. Murray serves as a spokesman for the Steering Committee. MWW is a lobbying firm with close ties to Governor McGreevey that first hired the "Counselor to the Governor," Golan Cipel, after his departure from the administration. Numerous sources have stated that MWW also has strong ties with Merck.

So the Steering Committee consists of many associates of the Governor and is health-sciences oriented. We have a lobbying firm with close ties to the Governor and other interests - - a lobbying firm which is public-minded enough to work pro-bono on this matter. All the bases seem to be covered and the steamroller seems ready to roll. But, wait… 

While the Governor has seemingly forgotten that New Jersey has a Legislature, the Legislators have not forgotten, and they're up for re-election in only a few months. At least one Democratic Senator, Wayne Bryant, has said publicly that he cannot support a merger without adequate funding for the proposed Camden campus. Politicians from Essex County including Congressman Donald Payne (D) have recently called for the removal of Steering Committee member Harvey Holzberg, the CEO of Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, from the UMDNJ Board of Trustees, over concerns regarding conflicts of interest. Senator Ronald Rice (D) of Essex has publicly said the merger is "…all about the politics of Middlesex," stated earlier this week that, "[i]t's about jobs, contracts and political favors," and has expressed his strong opposition. Other legislators have begun to privately question the efficacy of the merger, the failure of the Commission to provide any alternative plans, and the missing details. The Governor might have a pro-merger Steering Committee ready to steamroll, but steamrolling an Assembly and Senate full of our representatives up for re-election may not be an easy task.


Michael M. Shapiro is a third--year student at Stanford Law School. He serves on the Alumni and External Affairs Committee of the Stanford University Board of Trustees and was President of the Student Body at Stanford Law School. He graduated from Rutgers College, Rutgers University in 1998 with a B.A. in Political Science, and became one of the youngest people in the State of New Jersey to run for office of a major city when he ran for Mayor of the City of New Brunswick in 1998 at the age of 21. Mike welcomes your feedback via e-mail at 


Miscellany - Chamberlain's record falls

Philadelphia— Wilt Chamberlain's Philadelphia high school career scoring record is history, shattered before Maureece Rice's mom could get the celebration in place for her son. "I had bigger plans," Debra Rice said. "I wanted him to wait another day so I could have a cake and all." The cake can wait. The record wouldn't. Local and National News


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