Raymond Ready to Rumble

Jr. RB Jesse Raymond is a tough gritty football player. The 6'0 190 lb. warrior from Raritan H.S. (NJ) is a natural. Jesse composes the second half of the Raritan Super Tandem along with teammate Bennet Jackson. His tremendous talent has earned him the team award of Offensive player of the Year for 3 consecutive seasons as well as an All- Monmouth county bid.

Jesse Raymond definitely isn't short on words. "I am tough and can beat you by breaking your ankles or by running you over. I feed on contact. I'm the loud guy on the team who does his best to spark everyone else", said Jesse. He carried the ball for 1,164 yards on 198 carries and ended up with 13 TD's. Jesse also averaged over 25 yards per kick return.

Not only is he destructive on the football field but on the mixed martial arts mat as well. Jesse currently trains for MMA as well as instructs 6-12 year old kids in the art form. He stated, "My cousin owns an MMA gym called Jersey Shore MMA. I was supposed to fight tin April but chose to hold off due to combine season and all."This young man is about as thorough as they come.

In regards to MMA, he also mentioned, "I relate fighting to football. It increases my awareness. For instance, identifying a right hook and reacting to it is like identifying a hole on the football field and doing the same. Also, it makes me tougher because I get hit so much in the gym that I am definitely not afraid to take a hit on the football field."

Raymond currently has no offers due to poor grades early on. He has recently turned things around and assures a 2.7 GPA by the end of the current school year. "I have been working real hard on academics. That was the only thing holding me back in the beginning, but I got it all worked out now", he stated.

Jesse would love to go to college in state. "RU would be cool. I love the team. They are one of the top programs in the Big East. I like coach Schiano and the stadium is sick. I went there to take in a state championship game and had a blast", said Raymond. His main concern in regards to the next level are education, staying close to home and opportunity for early playing time.

Raymond hopes to garner national attention by attending the Big Time Showcase this upcoming summer. His goals for the upcoming season include breaking the 2,000 rushing yard barrier and winning a state championship.

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