Shut-Down Corner on the Prowl

Penn Hills (PA) continues to pump them out. Jr. Brandon Ifill is a remarkable talent on either side of the football. About a month ago, SOR highlighted his teammate and good friend CB Cullen Christian. At the other end of the spectrum, stands CB Brandon Ifill, a 6'0 180 lb. utility player who currently holds 7 collegiate D1A offers.

There aren't too many high schools in the country that have 2 big corners that can both cover, but Penn Hills beats the odds.

Brandon Ifill should stand for "I…fill in where they need me to". In 2008, Brandon was unbelievable at WR catching 35 balls and accumulating over 400 yards and 3 TD's. Defense was his bread ad butter though. He seemed to really make his mark at cornerback, where he earned 2nd Team All- State honors.

Brandon Ifill routinely shut down his side of the field and offenses tended not to throw his way. In fact most QB's opted to barely pass at all being that Cullen Christian was jumping routes on the other side of the field. What a nightmare that must have been for opposing quarterbacks. Unfortunately, the nightmare won't end until after next season with both young men returning.

Brandon is an articulate and soft spoken young gentleman. He stated, "I play fast, aggressive and bigger than I appear. I am fearless, have a ton of speed and go hard all the time". His fast play has produced offers from Pittsburg, Penn State, Michigan, Maryland, West Virginia, Purdue and Connecticut. Rutgers has yet to offer, but he has sent them film and is awaiting some attention.

In regards to RU, Ifill mentioned, "I saw them play at Pittsburgh but truly don't know much about them. I would definitely take a look if the showed me some interest though". Hopefully, he gets an invite to Rutgers Camp to display his terrific skill set.

Brandon is currently training for track and field where he runs the 100 and 200 meters. His best times, in those respective events are 10.9 and 21.9 seconds. Stay tuned as SOR tracks his recruitment.

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