Huge TE has RU Interest

Jr. Brian Vogler of Columbus, Georgia is a man amongst boys. He stands at 6'8" 250lbs. and moves like a player half his size. Though he never played a down of organized football until his sophomore year of high school, he has become the "big ticket" and prototypical national TE recruit.

Quite frankly, Brian has the ability to dominate and make defenses look non-existent out there. Another thing that he also has is interest in the Scarlet Knights.

The southern gentleman was forwarded a Rutgers offer approximately a month ago. The interesting thing is, Brian Vogler actually has ties to the garden state. "I'm happy I got a Rutgers offer. I was born in Morristown, New Jersey. That might actually play a factor in my recruitment. I know every year they (Rutgers) are getting better at becoming one of the powers in the Big East. I would love to visit them this summer", said Vogler.

As you might assume, Brian has a ton of options. Out of his 14 current offers, the 11 which he could remember off the top of his head were Rutgers, Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Maryland, Florida St., Clemson, Kentucky, Duke, Stanford, and Tennessee. The type of offense administered as well as the approachability of the coaching staff are the two most important factors to Brian in selecting a collegiate destination.

Brian is an all-sports athlete. He plays basketball as well as track and field where he participates in a multitude of events to stay in shape. He is a true standout on the hardwood averaging 16 points and 11 rebounds per contest. "Basketball was my original sport. I still travel with my team throughout the year, though I now pay a lot more attention to football", he stated. You would have an easier time naming a sport that he's not good at.

As for his football ability he stated, "Being that we run the Wing- T, I am used to being in a 3-point stance with my hand in the dirt. I am a good blocker and never quit on a play, but when you split me out, I can do everything that a little guy can do, but in a big man's body". Brian claims a 300 lb. bench press and 4.69 40-yard dash time.

He also stated, "Not every day do you find a 6'8 corner. I am used to playing against guys like 5'10 so I am able to take good advantage of my size". In 2008, his unique matchup advantage led to Brian catching for over 500 receiving yards and 6 TD's in an offense not geared towards extensive production from the TE position. The huge target is as light on his toes as a fairy, catches the ball with ease and always falls forward.

The standout also split time at outside linebacker and defensive end whenever there was a need. Brian's selfless efforts led his team to an unexpected 11-win season and only the second season of 10 wins or better for Brookstone High School (GA). "We don't usually win that many football games around here. Last year we didn't lose a game until the 2nd round of the playoffs", said Brian.

This offseason, Brian plans to concentrate on strengthening his lower extremities as well as preparing to make a run at a state title. He also hopes to make a collegiate decision before his senior football season. SOR will keep you informed as to Rutgers' involvement.

In the meantime, check out the videos below to witness his domination first hand.

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