First Day Of Spring Practice

The Scarlet Knights returned after a successful turnaround season ending up with a final record of 8-5 and ending the season on a seven game winning streak. Schiano had the boys tuned in and fired up for the first day of practice where some new faces were lined up under center.

On the Progress of the Quarterbacks

With Jabu Lovelace hindered with his ankle surgery Domenic Natale, DC Jefferson and Steve Shimko took the snaps in today's practice. When asked about his impressions of the quarterback after day 1 Schiano said "Oh It's too early to tell…their heads are spinning right now then you throw in the physical component. They'll get better it's a work in progress. They all did some things well and they all made some rookie mistakes. A lot of rookie mistakes."

Like Clockwork some tinkering to ponder

The question poised to Coach Schiano was whether there was going to be any experimenting going on with positions. There was one surprise with regard to changes and that was the usage of Mason Robinson in the wide receiver role. With his athletic ability and speed he could cause some havoc in open spaces. Schiano said "Mason is playing wide receiver…so we're messing around with that and he's not going to forget how to play running back so we're going to see if he can help us out there. "Other notables as mentioned in the spring presser was the move of Desmond Wynn to OG and Andrew DePaola being utilized in the wide out role. When asked about what role Eric LeGrand would play in the defensive scheme Schiano noted, "He's going to be on the defensive front." " I don't know if it's at nose guard or if it's an end or where it's going to be." " I think what we're trying to find are the 8 best linemen."

Signings on the Sideline

Yes there was a Tom Savage sighting among some other new scarlet blood at practice. There were a total of 4 soon to be freshman at practice observing. Schiano mentioned, "Mike Larrow, Steve Beauharnais and Abdul Smith were among the others in attendance of today's spring practice."

Silvestro on Playing DE

When asked about the move from DT to De Silvestro commented, "Coming in playing end I kinda knew what to do anyway so the switch wasn't too bad. It's a little bit easier than playing inside, you know." "I'm definitely trying to gain weight. I put on a couple of pounds. Silvestro replied when asked about his offseason weight room routines. The defensive line looks to be one of RU's bright spots and Silvestro honed in on the transition from last year to present day by. Silvestro said "I think this year our D-line is pretty solid." "I mean we did lose Pete (Tverdov). That's tough…ya know he brought a lot energy to the team being captain and all that. " "Me and George (Johnson) played a lot last year." "Freeney got in every game last year, Blair (Bines) played every game…I think we're solid all around and have a good core."

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