TE with Huge Upside

Being that he measures 6-foot-6 250 lbs., it is obvious that Andrew Tallman is literally a tall man. Surprisingly, not only is he tall, but he has the girth and coordination to become dominant on the football field at the TE position. The multi-talented BC High (MA) athletic specimen is ready to add some big time production to the high school football section of his resume.

Andrew Tallman had an injury riddled season in 2008. "Unfortunately, I only played about 8 plays all season. I had a hip flexor and two really bad hamstring pulls", claims Andrew. Tallman was therefore overlooked and neglected to receive any post- season honors.

Andrew had his coming out party at the Badger Sports 7-on-7 event at Rutgers a couple weeks ago. "I think I played well. I think I showed a mixture of finesse and power. I was able to catch most of the balls thrown in my direction and make plays", he said. Andrew proved that he can truly compete with and potentially even dominate many of the best players in the region. He displayed soft hands and coordination far superior to most 6'6 players. Tallman possesses the ability to shield his defenders from the ball to make space for the grab… a skill comparable to a box out in basketball.

He also is highly successful in track and field where he competes in the 55 and 110m hurdles as well as the discuss and shot-put. His best results in those respective events are 8.52, 16.6, 49.9 and 166.6.

Although failing to play the equivalent of a full quarter this past season, Tallman has still managed to garner a good amount of attention. The big baller is being courted by Rutgers, Boston College, Iowa, Virginia and Maryland. No one has yet to actually offer at this point being that there isn't much of anything to base his assessment on. Once he displays the athletic prowess on the high school football field that he displayed at the 7-on-7, offers are sure to flow in.

Tallman is currently highest on Boston College and Iowa though he is completely open to the recruiting process and is nowhere near certain of his potential collegiate residence. Athletics, academics, and the possibility to participate in both track and field in combination with football are his main concerns in selecting a school.

As for Rutgers, he mentioned, "They are pretty good. I am definitely considering them. I am not hearing as much from them as I am the other schools but they are on my short list right now".

Andrew's goals for next season include winning a state championship and becoming All- Massachusetts during his final year on the high school gridiron. He is poised to prove to the country that his skills are legit and he can compete against anybody in the nation. SOR will stay close to the situation.

In the meantime, check out his ability to move below

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