DaQuan Jones is an Athletic Big Man

Take one look at Jr. DaQuan Jones and you can see what collegiate coaches are clamoring over. The 6'5 305 pound RT from Johnson City H.S (NY) has a freakishly athletic frame as well as terrific drive and footwork which makes him one of the top linemen in the eastern region. Because of that, DaQuan has already accumulated 6 offers from very prestigious programs.

"I have offers from Rutgers, Maryland, Boston College, Syracuse, Connecticut and NC St.", said DaQuan Jones. The more-than-ample amount of early collegiate offers is due to DaQuan's strategic play on the field as well as humble attitude off of it. DaQuan claims that each of the schools currently recruiting him are considered equal at this point in regards to retaining his services.

He is taking his time and doing his research in order to make an eventually informed decision. His main consideration for a collegiate selection is academics. He claims the football will come no matter where he selects to contribute.

Being that the Rutgers staff appears to have made offensive line a priority for the 2010 class, we asked Jones about them. He responded, "I like Rutgers. I think they're a good program. They are actually who I am looking at now. I haven't really gotten a chance to sit down and talk to the staff but I look forward to it. I am gonna try to make it down on the 28th to check them out".

Jones mentioned, "I am a very level- headed person whom is real to himself. I always listen to my coaches and elders because if they are telling me to do something another way, then I must have been doing it wrong in the first place. When I look around, I see a lot of kids who walk around with big heads like they know it all. I don't get it. They act as if they have already made it. I feel that you make it further in life being good to other people and remaining modest".

Although Jones projects as an offensive lineman on the next level, he still would like to remind recruiters of his significant play on the defensive side of the ball. "Defensively, I am good at splitting double teams and reading offenses in order to be able to disrupt plays", he said.

As far as his style of play, he claims, "I try to be as physical as I can every time I get on the field. I do my best to consistently dominate the guy in front of me. My favorite techniques are zone blocking and full blocking which allows me to get to the second level."

DaQuan currently sports a 5.05 forty, 315 bench, and 4.66 shuttle. SOR will keep you involved in his recruitment.

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