Mike Bakas' High School All East Team

Mike Bakas' High School All East Team is out and the Scarlet Knights have brought in three of the All Stars with more recruiting yet to be done.

1st Team Offense
Name Pos School College(s)
Ryan Mitch QB Hyattsville (Md) DeMatha Catholic Committed to Maryland
Barrington Edwards RB Bowie (Md) LSU, Maryland, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, USC
Albert Young RB Moorestown (N.J.) Committed to Wisconsin
Dorien Bryant WR Swedesboro (N.J.) Kingsway Regional Boston College, Penn State, Purdue, N.C. State, Tennessee
Andrew Weatherly WR Georgetown (Del) Sussex Central Maryland, Boston College, Iowa, Virginia Tech, Virginia
Shannon Lane WR Virginia Beach (Va.) Salem Committed to Virginia
Greg Olsen TE Wayne (N.J.) Wayne Hills Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Tennessee
John Sullivan OL Greenwich (Conn) Boston College, Notre Dame, Maryland
Gosder Cherilus OL Somerville (Mass) Committed to Boston College
Dan Mazan OL Carteret (N.J.) Committed to Penn State
Jeff Zuttah OL Princeton (N.J.) The Hun School Committed to Michigan
John Rochford OL Linwood (N.J.) Mainland Regional Committed to Miami
1st Team Defense
Name Pos School College(s)
Turk McBride DE Camden (N.J.) Woodrow Wilson Iowa, Miami, Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee
Nate Robinson DT Irvington (N.J.) Committed to Miami
Conrad Bolston DT Olney (Md) St. John Committed to Maryland
Victor Abiamiri DE Baltimore (Md) Gilman School Maryland, Miami, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Stanford
Vernon Davis LB Washington (DC) Dunbar Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Purdue, Tennessee
Wes Jefferson LB Brandywine (Md.) Gwynn Park Maryland, Miami, Notre Dame, Ohio State
Vince Hall LB Chesapeake (Va) Western Branch North Carolina, Penn State, South Carolina, Virginia Tech
Jermaine Dias LB Hackensack (N.J.) Boston College, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia
Ira Guilford S Hoboken (N.J.) Ohio State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Rutgers, Syracuse
Travis Tolbert S Syracuse (N.Y.) Heninger Ohio State, Florida State, Miami, Alabama
Chase Anastacio CB Fairfax (Va) Robinson Notre Dame, Ohio State, Virginia, Virginia Tech
Phillip Brown CB Hampton (Va) Phoebus Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Maryland, Virginia, N.C. State
2nd Team Offense
Name Pos School College(s)
Joe Dailey QB Jersey City (N.J.) St Peters Prep Committed to Syracuse
Isiah Gardner RB Virginia Beach (Va) Salem Committed to Notre Dame
Lance Ball RB Teaneck (N.J.) Committed to Maryland
Keon Lattimore WR Baltimore (Md) Mt St. Joseph Committed to Maryland
Deyon Williams WR Forestville (Md) Suitland Committed to Virginia
Fontel Mines WR Richmond (Va) Hermitage Committed to Virginia
Jon Kinzer TE Fairfax (Va) Robinson Committed to Virginia Tech
Pedro Sosa OL Union City (N.J.) Union Hill Committed to Rutgers
Matt Welsh OL Clifton (Va) Centreville Committed to Virginia Tech
Ryan Poles OL Canandaigua (N.Y.) Committed to Boston College
Eddie Prinigis OL Forest (Va) Jefferson Forest Committed to Virginia
Andrew Weininger OL Harrison (N.Y.) Committed to Wisconsin
2nd Team Defense
Name Pos School College(s)
Omar Savage DE Piscataway (N.J.) Maryland, Boston College, Rutgers
Chris Ellis DT Hampton (Va) Bethel Virginia Tech, Maryland, North Carolina, Penn State, Virginia, Tennessee
Barry Booker DT Amherst (Va) Committed to Virginia Tech
Kory Robertson DE Ridgeway (Va) Magna Vista Committed to Virginia Tech
Xavier Adibi LB Hampton (Va) Phoebus Virginia Tech, Georgia, Maryland, N.C. State
Joe Kedra LB Cherry Hill (N.J.) Camden Catholic Committed to North Carolina
Rashawn Ricks LB Paterson (N.J.) Catholic Committed to Rutgers
Vincenco Giruzzi LB Utica (N.Y.) Proctor Committed to Syracuse
Jeremy Edwards S Jackson (N.J.) Maryland, Duke, Indiana, Kansas State
Robbie Catterton S Virginia Beach (Va) Kellam Committed to Virginia
Ambrose Wooden CB Baltimore (Md) Gilman School Boston College, Maryland, Notre Dame, Penn State, UCLA, Virginia Tech
Tre Timbers CB Oakhurst (N.J.) Ocean Township Committed to Rutgers


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