T.J. Clemmings vies for NJ's # 1 Spot

Jr. T.J. Clemmings is a true phenomenon. The 6-foot-6 265 lb, backfield disruptor is the latest stud from Paterson Catholic (NJ) to make some noise. He is effective at defensive end/tackle and could probably even take his hand off the ground in certain situations. His frame and speed off the edge reminds me of NFL Free Agent Kalimba Edwards. Surprisingly, 2008 was his first year on the gridiron.

"Last year was fun. It was my first time ever playing and everything was brand new to me. All I knew was that I liked to hit people, stop the run, and cause problems. The contact was exciting", said T.J. Clemmings. You wouldn't be able to tell that he was new to the sport. The recently anointed 4 Star prospect accounted for 42 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries, an interception and a defensive TD. His efforts led to a 1st Team All- Passaic bid.

As for T.J.'s hobbies, he mentioned, " I enjoy going to church, playing the bass guitar and I also love to eat". Clemmings also sports a 3.0 GPA and obviously a terrific personality. He definitely seems like a well- rounded young man.

This talented young prospect was a basketball player before football entered the door. "I always just played basketball. People would tell me I approached basketball with a football mentality so I was being urged to come out for football. All I ever wanted to do was foul guys anyway… so they would no longer come across the middle", he said jokingly.

Regarding the upcoming season, T.J. stated, "I plan to be an animal, account for many more sacks, and do much more damage than I did last year because I know the game now". It's scary to think that he could get any better.

Clemmings is on his way to becoming a national recruit. He holds scholarship offers from Rutgers, Notre Dame, Duke, Maryland and Syracuse. Florida as well as Virgina and North Carolina seem extremely close to pulling the trigger based on the fact that he has had many conversations with those staffs. He currently has no favorites.

As for Rutgers, he stated, "I definitely appreciate the offer and will be down to check them out soon". The one thing that may work in Rutgers favor is the fact that T.J. would like to remain close to home. SOR will keep you posted. Stay tuned.

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