Tallman Film and First Offer

Andrew Tallman contacted SOR last night confirming an offer from the University of New Hampshire. Though this is probably the first of many, the truly athletic prospect is excited to have the process off the ground and is ready for things to continue moving in the right direction.

If you didn't know, Andrew Tallman of BC High (MA) is a 6-foot-6 250 pound TE who can move. We have featured him a couple times over the past few weeks. He uses his size better than most and can truly shield off defenders in order to make a tough grab.

Recently, we received Tallman's highlight tape which shows his mean streak as a blocker and his ability to utilize good leverage. Being that his season was cut short due to injury, the on-field assessment ends there, but Tallman has found other ways to convey his skills to the public.

He is shown running seamless routes in a gym, as well as running the 55m hurdles and dunking a basketball with 2 hands.

Take a look at the videos below and watch Andrew showcase his multitude of abilities:

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