Johnson Picks up 3 More Offers

Jr. Tejay Johnson is one of the most versatile prospects in the state of NJ. He can play anywhere in the defensive backfield as well as run and catch the football. His tremendous ability initially earned him an offer from Rutgers University and now Nebraska, Purdue and Syracuse have joined the party with Penn State, Florida, Ohio State, and North Carolina seemingly close to offering.

Apparently, Tejay Johnson will have an abundance of tough decision- making to partake in over the upcoming months.

"I'm just taking it all in right now, playing my part and doing my research. I like something about each school recruiting me as of now and have yet to come close to making a decision", said Tejay.

He seems to have a bit of a soft spot for Rutgers though. He mentioned, "I love RU. The opportunity to attend Rutgers is a great one. I have been up there 2 times and like the family atmosphere, the way they treat me and the way they explain the specifics to me. They let me know what I did to earn the scholarship and what I will have to do to keep it. Also, being that they were my first offer, I will always look at them as one of my top possibilities. They are a terrific program".

Johnson is just coming off of a basketball season where he average 14 points per game and led his team in rebounds. He stated, "I had a pretty good season even though I was playing out of position. They had me at power forward when I only stand 6'1 but it all worked out in the end".

Tejay currently participates in track and field where he runs the 100, 200 and 400 meter with his best times being 10.38, 21.3, and 49.7 respectively. He is obviously an all- around athlete. In his spare time, Johnson likes to dance rap and sing.

He mentioned, "Coming from North Philly, I have a lot of soul and musical talent. My family actually moved me to Jersey to have a better opportunity for a good education and athletics". The trip to the garden state definitely appears to have proven beneficial.

Tejay described his game as being "finesse although I enjoy the art of hard hitting. I am actually very good at blocking offensively as well. My goals for next season are to win a championship, run for over 1,000 yards and produce over 60 tackles which I just felt short of this past season. SOR will keep you posted as this story develops.

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