Pomykala visiting schools

Martin Pomykala from New Britain CT took a visit down to Rutgers last Saturday. He talks with SOR about his current recruitment and trip down to Piscataway.

Martin Pomykala played OL and DE last year for New Britain HS. The 3-year varsity starter earned All-Area honors for his play and is training hard for his senior season. Over the off season, he has made big leaps in the weight room. "I measured in 1/8 of an inch from 6'2 and 252 pounds up at Rutgers. I have been lifting hard and putting on quality weight and strength…. I have bench pressed 225 for 18 reps, squated 465 for 3 reps and power cleaned over 300 pounds. I was timed at a 4.69 and 4.72 in the 40 at testing last year and think I am getting more explosive. I love the weight room and love lifting. I have been working out with our strength coach who has coached at the Division 1 level and with former Syracuse -star Tebucky Jones Sr….One of my coaches is former Rutgers player Justice Hairston, and he tells me to keep working at it. He tells me he thinks I am a Division 1 player and to just keep plugging away".

Pomykala is definitely putting in the time and his determination in his off-season conditioning will be attractive to college coaches. "I am working out through out the day. In the morning, I get up around 6 am and do a light workout. I am doing track and after school I run a lot during track practice. Then afterwards the football guys get together and do explosive lifting and plyometrics. On most days, I'll put in extra time and stay late working on the 40 and short shuttle. I also make sure I take care of my body and eat right".

As of this time, Pomykala does not know what position he will project to. "I am a team first guy and played OL for our team. I love blocking and hitting people. On defense, I've played DE and am considered a high motor player. I would like to try out middle linebacker because it might best suit my size and speed. I think I can learn that position. However, my coach needs a guy to rush the passer and has me playing DE.

Pomykala has thus far visited LSU, Uconn and most recently Rutgers. "LSU was sending me a lot of info and I went down for an event. That was really nice. I have been to UConn and I speak to Coach Cersosimo a bit. I have been emailing with him and talking to him since last year. I got to know him through my head coach. He said he would love to see me so I am going to practice on Thursday. They have been talking to me about getting down there for the Spring game in two weeks".

I went to Rutgers and that was a great trip. They asked to come to the Spring game, but it falls on the same date as Uconn's, so I don't know which one I'll be attending".

On the Rutgers trip he stated, "I met with some of the coaches. I got to speak to Coach Frazier and Coach Smith for a bit. They seemed like solid people. They were impressed with my size and kept saying that I looked good for someone who had not turned 17 yet. I also got to speak to Ryan D'Imperio a bit after practice. He is a very good player and I think I can play like him on the defensive side of the ball….The practice was very up-tempo and organized. I also liked how the coaches interacted with the players. The school just had a very good feel".

In addition Pomykala intends to travels up to BC on Tuesday and for their Spring game. "I have been emailing back and forth with Coach Siravo. I'll be heading up on Tuesday. He liked my film and wanted to give me a tour. So I got an invite to go to practice. I also got invited to the BC spring game and I know I'll be definitely going for that on April 25th.

Take a look at his highlights below:

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