Rutgers Offers another Lineman

Dematha H.S. in Maryland is known for pumping out talent by the gallons. Jr. Arie Kouandjio is next up in line to continue the saturation. The 6'5 310 lb. warrior has athleticism for days and the measurables that one looks for in a left tackle. His ability to move as well as lower body strength is what separates him from many other offensive line recruits.

SOR caught up with him to discuss his recruitment.

"I have really good footwork and like to pass block. I play fast for a big guy, have a good motor, and am really conditioned. I have yet to allow a sack on the high school level and also played a little bit of defensive tackle. I also have the ability to lead. It really doesn't matter what I'm asked to do. I just like playing football", said Arie Kouandjio.

Arie hit the nail on the head. His terrific footwork along with ability to move is a premium on the next level. His exciting style of play has led to an astounding mark of 12 early offers including Rutgers, Penn State, Michigan, Iowa, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Wake Forrest and Boston College. He currently claims no favorites.

In regards to RU, Arie mentioned, "They are a very good school. Coach Emanuel came down to my school. He is a great guy. I got to see him and really liked him. I have heard a lot about the program and can't wait to visit."

As for his tangible physical attributes, Arie reports a 315 lb. bench press along with a 605 lb. squat. He stated, "I have an extremely strong lower body which aides me in being able to move well."

His goals for the upcoming season include proving that he deserves all of the early offers he received as well as doing whatever it takes to get better. He currently lifts weights twice a day, 3 times per week and runs just about every day. Stay tuned.

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