Little Brother Has Skills Too

Yesterday, SOR featured an article on Jr. Arie Kouandjio of Dematha H.S. in Maryland. Today, we bring you his 15- year old little brother, Cyrus Kouandjio whom actually towers over him at 6'7 and weighs in at 302 lbs. We caught up with the young sophomore in an attempt to learn a little more about him.

When asked about his extreme size at such a young age, Cyrus Kouandjio commented, "Me and my brothers are the only really big guys in the whole family. Arie and I are obviously the biggest, and my oldest brother is 6'3 250, but my father is small. I don't know what happened."

This extremely gifted young man starts on the opposite side of the same line as his brother at right tackle. His measurables and style of play have earned him early verbal offers from both Pittsburgh and Maryland although they can't officially offer him until September 1st. Education and a good coaching staff are most important to him in selecting a school.

Being that the Scarlet Knights have already offered his brother, interest from them shouldn't be a long way off. As for his feelings about Rutgers, he stated, "I talked to one of the coaches early on in the year. He had a lot of good things to say about the university and I'm definitely interested to hear more."

In regards to his physical as well as intangible attributes, Cyrus mentioned, "I get a little more excited than my brother. I'm a high-energy guy. I get loud and pumped on the field, and am a good partner and friend who you can rely on. I give everything I have and leave it on the field. I love drive-blocking and manhandling defenders."

His goal for the remainder of his high school career is to become the number one recruit in the country and an All- American by the time it's all said and done. "A lot of kids from my school get attention. We currently have 8 kids with Division 1A offers on the team. In time, I hope be the best of the best". Cyrus definitely has a head start over most guys at his position. SOR will keep you informed.

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