Graves on the Grind

Shamar Graves has put in the work to get better. The hybrid tight end is on his way to becoming a good one for the Scarlet Knights. After 3 seasons of adapting to a new position, Graves appears ready to take the reigns and run with it. One of his biggest battles was getting his weight where it needed to be. That no longer seems to be an issue.

"I'm up to 233. I'm still gonna go higher though. I'm definitely looking for more weight but I'm at least at a point where I feel good. I wanna get as strong and heavy as I can though as long as I can still run well", stated Shamar Graves.

As for his evolution from a wide receiver to a tight end, he mentioned, "I wouldn't say I'm fluid just yet because I don't want to get complacent. I'm still learning a lot of things about the offense and tight end position. I'm also working on perfecting my blocking technique and route running but I'm definitely more comfortable and confident in what I'm doing within the offense."

In regards to his newly appointed leadership role, when Shamar is in a position to help, Graves confessed, "I'll pull them aside (a teammate) and say something to them. Although, I'm more of a lead by example type of player; so its rare that ill get in your face, but when I do, you know its coming from the heart because I don't normally do that."

When asked about the up-and- coming talent and competition at the tight end position, he stated, "There are a few guys that have an opportunity to play… big guys… some bigger than me but they are still learning the offense. When you're young, there is a lot of information coming at you. I just tell them to take their time, stay in the film room, study their playbook and do everything they can do to get better. They have a lot of time though."

Due to the inexperienced quarterback and wide receiver situation, Shamar and company is currently working overtime to build a cohesive offensive unit. "We work a lot extra in the bubble and in the film room together. It's all about building chemistry. I think the tighter this offense gets, the better we'll be". SOR will keep you informed.

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