Manny on a Mission

In 2007, Manny Abreu was one of the top high school football recruits to come out of the northeastern region. After 2 seasons of becoming accustomed to playing strong-side linebacker on the collegiate level and showing flashes of brilliance mixed in with a tad bit of inconsistency, Manny is finally comfortable in the defense and prepared to break out in 2009.

"I know the ropes now. It feels good to be in my third year. I know the system very well and am more sure about what I am doing", said Manny Abreu.

Manny also appears excited about his switch to a slightly more liberated position within the defense. He mentioned, "I moved over to the weak side. I'm open to more things now. I can be more of a hitter and inside linebacker- type. On the strong side, you end up in coverage a lot more. I'm more comfortable in this position and I can make more plays."

Although Manny has always been a physical specimen, he has made a slight alteration for this upcoming season. In regards to his weight, he stated, " I'm weighing 235 right now. I actually lost weight. I felt I was a little too slow last year. It was too much weight at 245- 250 so I went down 10 pounds."

In regards to the non- physical part of the game, Manny mentioned, "Mentally, this game is tough. It can get to you if you let it. The coaches put you through a lot of obstacles to make you better… but its fun. I'm having fun".

And although, the family atmosphere amongst the Scarlet Knights has been well documented, Manny spoke to it as well. "We're family and we'll always be there for one another. It doesn't matter if you're first string, second string or no string. We'll be on you if you mess up but we'll also be there to cheer you on when you do good."

When asked what he does best on the football field, Manny replied,"the guys say I hit hard so I guess I'll go with that".

As for overall expectations for the defense in 2009, Manny confessed. " I expect the defense to play hard, swarm the football and be tough next season". SOR will keep you posted.

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