Photo Album: A few players of focus

In honor of Saturday's upcoming Spring Game, we took a few photos of some of the key players on the Rutgers football team during spring practice. Take a look at some of the physical development of certain guys on the team. The players obviously have done thier off-season work to ensure a best effort at a successful season. SOR was there to bring you the action.

After switching from LB last season, Blair Bines is vying for one of the starting DT positions.


DC Jefferson is known for his great arm strength. As he looks to win the
starting postion, he will use his vast ability to compete for the position as he
garners better control of the offense.


As Ryan D'Imperio enters the 2009-2010 season, he will be considered
one of the best LBs in the Big East and amongst the leaders of the Rutgers


Shamar Graves has grown as a tight end as well as one of the veterans to
be counted upon to lead the offense. Here, he goes airborn to make a


Now in his 5th year, Damaso Munoz has been rock solid this spring. Munoz coupled
with Ryan D'Imperio will lead one of the most expeienced groups of LBs in the Big East.


Mohamed Sanu entered Rutgers early to get a head start on his college
career. During the Spring, he has displayed his speed, athleticism and toughness. These
abilities should land him some playing time somewhere on the gridiron.


Now in his third year with the Rutgers program, Desmond Stapleton (73) is now competing
for a starting position. His versatility will allow him to play either side of the line.


With Kenny Britt and Tiquan Underwood gone, Tim Brown will be a bigger part
of the Rutgers offense.


Here Tim Brown displays the speed and quickness that makes him dangerous
after the catch.


Tim Wright is one of the young WRs looking for playing time in the Rutgers offense.


For Wright, his height and leaping ability are amongst his greatest attributes.


Blair Bines is rock solid in the middle of the Rutgers defense. His lower center
of gravity and strength will make him difficult to move.


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